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by TerminalBlue

Part 52

Getting a bad feeling about the left passage, I take the one to my right.

The tube spits me out into a large chamber that seems to have no gravity.

Well, not normal gravity at least. The bright pulsing crystalline structure in the center of the room pulls me into a slow orbit around it.

Other than the tube I came in through, there's only one other door. And I can't get anywhere without some kind of propulsion.

I float around for a bit before realizing that I can probably use my gun to give myself a push in the right direction. The recoil on this thing is powerful enough that I don't think a human could fire it without the assistance of powered armor.

A few more shots and I'm propelled through the door. I'll have to remember this trick for future use.

The hallway beyond feels alot colder than the rest of the ruins. There's a number of columns with inscriptions covering them. This would probably be a great opportunity to use the translator Escher gave to me.

Well look who it is. Can't say I'm surprised to see him here. The translating will have to wait.

We need to finish this fight once and for all.