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by TerminalBlue

Part 53


As I approach, the Phyxx soldier does something with a shiny metallic cube that creates an equally shiny forcefield around him. It's just a guess, but I'd imagine that'd make him immune to laser fire.

Shield or no shield, he still has to go. Looks like once more my gun is nothing more than a glorified club.

"I must admit, your persistent will to live is admirable."

As usual, he manages to get a hit or two in on me, but he's growing weaker, I can tell. I on the other hand, am only growing stronger as I become more and more accustomed to my body.

With a final crack over the head, he slumps to the ground. I almost expect him to get up and start moving again, but not this time.

"You were an admirable opponent. I almost regret your death. What's this?! It seems that you have left behind a present."

Really, it's a shame we were enemies. He woke up to find the Mondites tearing apart his home, just like I woke up to find the Mondites had torn apart my body.

But, I had no way of communicating this to him, so it just wasn't to be.

It's the same device he used to create that shimmering field around him. I'm sure it'll be useful.

At least it works on me. Amazingly, it seems to provide me with life support as well. This is much better than that clunky environment suit. And if it does protect against lasers, it might let me walk through force fields like this one here.

Now that my friend over there is dead, I'm interested to see what's written on these columns. Though I can't read what they say, they're places suspiciously enough that I'm sure it's important.

Good thing Escher gave me this translator.

The translator works! Escher must've been one hell of an archaeologist to work up a translation of their language in only a few months.

Looks like this is a record of Phyxxian history. Should shed a bit of light on things.