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by TerminalBlue

Part 55

It seems the Phyxx have had a rather harsh and unforgiving history. At first, their race was in danger of going extinct due to the horrible conditions on this moon, which isn't surpising considering the large number of dangerous and predatory creatures I've encountered here.

All that changed with the discoveries of a Phyxx named Gen, who they call "The First Great Learner". He found a method of controlling gravity, bending it to the will of the Phyxx. Because of this, the species grew and flourished, finally able to take control of their enviroment.

But after a time, it was found that the entire race was growing weak. Maybe when the threat of extinction was gone, they simply degenerated. This is when Vid, the "Second Great Learner" came into the picture. Vid saw his weakening race and using what I assume is a form of genetic alteration, divided the Phyxx into two biologically seperate classes, the Worker/Soldiers and the Learner/Leaders.

For a time things were good for them, but Gen's heath was deteriorating, so he was put into suspended animation. Eventually, Vid took his own life for unknown reasons. Generations later, the lines of succession for Gen and Vid's offspring had died off, and the remaining Learner/Leaders had a series of great wars to determine who was to lead the race. Eventually, the Worker/Soldiers got tired of being fodder for the Learner/Leader's wars and staged a rebellion. However once they had disposed the Learner/Leaders, they weren't equipped to actually run the civilization, and everything collapsed, reducing all but a small group of the Phyxx into pathetic scavengers.

The remaining group entered themselves into hibernation, awaiting the day that Gen returns and leads them onto a new age.

I can only assume that all the Phyxx in cold storage here are the same group, still waiting after 100,000 years for Gen to revive.

Chances are, this 'Gen' is already long dead, just like most of the others seem to be. I still remember my promise to Escher though. If he's alive, I'll find him and maybe he can save what is left of the Phyxx from destruction. I just hope he has a good plan, because when the reactor blows, that'll be it for this entire facility.

It's strange, the longer I spend in this facility, the more I feel at home here. It's as if I'm no longer part of the human race, and I've finally found my true birthright.

Even though I've only scratched the surface of their history, I feel as though I understand the Phyxx better than anybody else could. In a very real way, I might be the last surviving member of their race.