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by TerminalBlue

Part 57

I take a brief moment to look out over the huge subterranean chamber. Though in many ways it looks strange to my eyes, I can tell it was once a thriving city. 100,000 years ago, it must have been full of Phyxx going about their lives, but now it lies vacant and powerless, a perfectly preserved testament to the Phyxx's mastery of their ancient world.

Unfortunately I don't have all day to sit around gawking. There's a control panel off to my left. Maybe it activates a bridge or an elevator or something.

The panel seems to be made up of a bunch of hexagonal blocks. My guess is that all the unlit hexes have to be lit up.

A bit of fiddling around, and it seems clear that every time I press a direction on the control pad a hexagon is filled in and the controls are reversed. If I try to put a hex out of the boundary, the entire thing resets.

A little more work and the entire grid is filled in.

I hear a deep thrumming sound from the far side of the chamber, almost like a gigantic engine powering up.