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by TerminalBlue

Part 58

Though I'm blinded for a moment, my trusty systems kick in, flare compensators adjusting my eyes to the remarkably bright light that now dominates the chamber.

Looks like this is the main power source for the city. It must double as an artificial sun too, as I can feel the heat on my face. The feeling makes me a bit nostalgic, though the effect is ruined when I realize that I can't remember ever standing under any sun anywhere without protective gear like I've been using.

It's strange, I'm feeling a bit weak sitting here. I think it must be my battery, it's almost drained. And when that happens, I'll die.

I try to move, but my body responds sluggishly. I'm slowing down. This isn't good... I need to find another power source, and soon.

I slowly start to realize that there's another thrumming sound that's rising in volume, and it's definitely not the generator.

A strange object rises from the city and into view. Though it looks strange, it still seems somewhat familiar. It's a Phyxx spaceship, I know it.

It stops at the height of the platform I'm on, bobbing slowly up and down. I get the feeling that it's watching me.

Something comes out of the ship, slowly drifting towards me.

Shit. It's another Phyxx. He must've woken up when I turned the power back on. He seems to be a different type than my friend from cell 02. Must be a learner/leader instead of a soldier/worker.

I don't know if he's going to attack me or not. I try to get ready to fight if necessary, but I've grown weak enough that I most likely won't stand a chance.

He floats closer, reaching out for me. I try and move back, but I can't move fast enough. He rests his hands on my shoulders and pain lances through my mind.