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by TerminalBlue

Part 6

With the help of Caynan's almighty fork, the panel opens easily.

Although rewiring it might not be quite so simple. I was in enough of a rush that I crossed the circuits, shocking the hell out of myself.

A few more minutes of work, and the door is unlocked, though still out of power thanks to my earlier attempt.

At last, I can leave this damned jail and start working on a way to get out of here. The doorway leads me into what looks like a guardroom.

A message comes over the loudspeakers as I enter the guardroom.

"Control: This is Control to Dropship Roenick,
landing platform is in position.
You are clear to land Roenick."

Roenick: "This is Marine Dropship Roenick. Now making final approach."

Chelios: "Marine Dropship Chelios standing by."

It sounds like they're calling in reinforcements. That can't be good for me.

Control: "You'd guys better hurry!
Another prisoner has escaped!"

Control: "I'm looking at him on the monitor now!
He's in the guard room!"

Definitely not good for me.

Mastaba: "He must not reach the excavation site!"

Mastaba. According to Caynan's log, he's the butcher responsible for what has been done to me. To all of us.

Roenick: "Sit tight, we're almost there.
And we're brining a little extra firepower to take care of your escaped prisoner."

Roenick: "He's gonna be no trouble at all."

The radio said 'another prisoner' had escaped. Who are these reinforcements coming to kill? Me or him? One thing's certain, I can't just sit around here with a dropship full of armed marines on their way.

I don't think I'm going to be opening this door with brute strength. There is some sort of optical palm-reader by the door, but my semi-robotic hand won't activate it. I need to figure a way out of here, and fast.

Maybe the guard station computers will give me a way to bypass the palmreader.

This seems to be a personel computer of some kind. An emergency icon is flashing in the corner. Could this emergency have something to do with why nobody is around to guard the cells?

So that's why nobody is around. All non-essential personnel have been evacuated because of a reactor breach. Seems like a pretty bad one judging from how the floor starts shaking every few minutes. It's only a matter of time until it overloads and takes this station with it.

I wonder what the cause of the breach could be.

A quick scan of the personnel records shows that almost everybody is missing, evacuated, or dead. The security team seems like it was hit especially hard. This couldn't all be because of the reactor breach. Caynan's security status is listed as revoked. And Mastaba is in the Operating Room. I should pay him a little visit once I get out of here.