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by TerminalBlue

Part 65

(Video for this sequence is up / Backup)

And once again, I'm alone. My battery is still dying fast.

I swap out my old and drained battery with the one Gen gave to me.

This new battery is fantastic! I can feel the energy flow throughout my entire body. My left arm tingles -- I wonder what that means?

The new battery even enables me to use the Phyxx gun Mastaba put inside me! This ought to be fun.

I turn my shield back on, as it doesn't seem like I'll have any problems with energy drain from this point on.

The Phyxx city is beautiful. I wish I had time to somehow get down there and explore it. But I need to go.

Even though I came into his world as an invader, killing one of his soldiers, the alien leader Gen treated me as if I was one of his own.

He's entrusted me with the future of his race. If I fail him, perhaps I will be failing myself.