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by TerminalBlue

Part 67

I stop to turn off my shield before reaching the room without any gravity, as my big gun won't fire while it's turned on, as Gen told me.

A quick shot from my gun at the right moment, and I go sailing right into the tube on the far side of the chamber. I think I'm getting the hang of this gravity thing the Phyxx are so big on.

As I sail down the tube, I hear my radio crackle to life.

Marine: "Units 3 and 9 now positioned in sector 13. The walls and floor seem to be covered by strange writing."

Mastaba: "This is Mastaba."

"Don't touch any artifacts and keep your eyes open for your target."

Marine: "Check. Units 3 and 9 standing by."

Well, that's bad news. Seems like the Mondite marines got inside the ruins thanks to me. It makes me angry to think of those bastards tromping around in here, but I guess it doesn't matter at this point. It'll all be gone once the reactor blows.

In any case, I'd better hurry up and get the gravity ring cleared out so the Phyxx and I don't get vaporized along with it.