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by TerminalBlue

Part 68

Gen certainly wasn't joking, there's enough debis being shot through the ring at high speed. I guess that would tend to happen after 100,000 years.

Looks like these triangles on the ground are controls to the huge locking disc. When I step on one, a corresponding ring changes position.

It seems pretty obvious that I have to rotate the sections so that the glowing blue lines match up. Easy.

Whoa, that was a bit close. I'd better stay on my toes here. Getting hit with a speeding chunk of rock would likely ruin my entire day.

Just one more slight tweak to the ring after this.

The gravity ring spits all the accumulated debris into orbit, leaving it clear and apparently activated.

Gen and the rest of the remaining Phyxx should be able to escape now, even if I don't make it for some reason.

Escher's last wish has been fulfilled. Now I need a ship so I can escape as well.