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by TerminalBlue

Part 7

Looks like I can use the 'access' menu from this computer to restore security clearance to people's files. If only I had the code, that'd come in handy for opening up that blast door.

Onto the next console.

Hmm, a maintenance console. There seems to be lots of damaged systems, thanks to the tremors. And one thanks to me smashing my little metal guardian bot into my cell's force bars. And overloading the doors and tearing them open for that matter.

It's probably better to leave the auto repair systems alone for now considering how much work I've been putting into tearing things apart lately. Though it couldn't hurt to repair the lights in 02, the cell that had the big tunnel dug out of it. The closer I can get to that blaster, the better.

And onto the third console.

It seems like this console's purpose is to allow for remote control of the nursebots, specifically cell 04's, since all the others are missing or... um, out of order.

Seems like the bot's programming won't let me steer it through the force bars, so it's of limited use to me.

Moving on, I take a look at the monitors on the wall. Looks like they're used to monitor the cells and control the force bars. Might as well turn the bars off. It looked like there was a couple things in cell 04 across from me, not to mention that blaster in 02.

I have to wonder how many hours these bastards have spent watching their prisoners writhing and moaning in pain after one of Mastaba's operations.

Shit. Looks like I can't turn off the bars on 02 from here. It's a shame, that blaster would've come in handy. Hmm, checking camera 2, I see there's a dead guard in there too. Whoever was being kept in cell 02 must've been one dangerous guy for them to leave a guard inside the cell. Looks like he killed that guy then found some way to tunnel through the floor.

It's odd though. I don't think even I could dig through that floor. And why didn't he take the blaster? He must be the other escaped prisoner those voices were talking about over the radio. If he's strong enough to dig through the floor, I'm sure he could help me get out of this place.

Looks like the middle monitor is something different. Prisoner information? Maybe this can explain who I actually am. Or who I was, I should say.

I'll skip Caynan's file. I saw firsthand what those bastards did to the poor bastard.

Well, that's hardly illuminating. The instructions for the guards to restrain my left arm is interesting though... my left arm doesn't look any different to me. I mean, despite the fact that it's a twisted mass of pistons, armor plating, and tortured flesh that is.

The file for the prisoner in 04 across from my cell. I'd imagine this was the 'Dane' that Caynan was talking about in his logs. It doesn't say what happened to him. I hope he got away.

The file for the prisoner in 02. Occupant: Unknown, Species: Unknown, Origin: Dig Site Room Three? Archeological Experimentation? This file is strange to say the least. Didn't Mastaba say something about the excavation site over the radio earlier? Whoever it was, he scared them, if the orders here are any indication. And he(or it?) escaped in the end anyway.

I only hope that if I run into him, he's willing to work with me to escape this place. I'm not sure I could stand against him if he decided I was a threat.