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by TerminalBlue

Part 78

"He's hard to track in that reflective gear."

The marine fires one harmless bolt at me and takes off the way he came. Looks like they're starting to get the idea at last.

"Watch it boys, our friend seems impervious to energy weapons."

I'd be content to just let him go, be he's running the the same direction I need to go, so I chase after him.

"Couldn't stay away, could you?"

This one seems much ballsier than the last one. He doesn't waste time taking potshots at me, instead just getting ready to go hand to hand with me.

I can see Mastaba's dropship sitting on the landing platform in the distance. I have to take this guy out quick. I have to stop Mastaba from leaving the surface.

He feints around my initial blows, cracking me hard over the head with his blaster. This guy is good, and my shield doesn't protect me from anything other than energy weapons. This should be more of a challenge.

Marine: "I'm going to do some custom bodywork on you."