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by TerminalBlue

Part 8

I've spent the last few moments of relative quiet trying to figure out a plan. I need a palmprint that has enough security clearance to open the blast doors out of the cellblock. Caynan was head of security, so he definitely had the clearance, and I just so happen to have his arm as well. Problem being that his clearance was revoked when he turned traitor. I can restore his clearance with the security computer if only I had the right code.

Since the force bars are shut down on cell 04, I'll check if there's anything useful in there.

There's a flute on the floor. I doubt that it'll have any real use, but... I feel strangely compelled to pick it up. When I do, it feels oddly familiar in my hands. More familiar than my hands actually. Experimentally, I lift it to my lips, and blow. Instead of hearing the off tune squeals I was expecting, I'm playing a beautifully haunting song, my brain running on autopilot.

I can play songs that I don't remember ever hearing before, and yet they echo in the back of my mind. It's the closest thing I have to a memory of my past life. Maybe if I listen closely I'll remember something.

Of course, right now who I was isn't as important as where I am. Moving on, I find Dane's logbook. I read through it, hoping I can pick up some useful information.

(Lots of logs follow. This is the longest one in the game if I remember correctly, though like all the rest of them it's well worth reading. tl;dr version at the end)

This has to be the code I need to restore Caynan's security clearance!

It looks like Dane was onboard a merchant ship, flying for the 'Reticulum', which I can only imagine is some sort of interstellar government. His ship had a malfunction causing them to mis-jump into the vicinity of this station, located outside charted space. Out of fuel, they began broadcasting a distress signal that was picked up by the Mondites running this station, who attacked the merchant ship. After a battle in which the ship's crew managed to destroy one of the two attacking dropships, they surrendered. By the time it was over, only three of the 27 man crew remained.

They were taken to this station, which is apparently located on a moon named Daedalus, and jailed. Over the next few weeks, the other two were experimented on by Mastaba, slowly tortured to death and driven insane until only Dane remained alive and sane, as he seemed more resistant to the experiments than his comrades.

Caynan seemed to grow more sympathetic to the plight of the captives being experimented on as time went by. Eventually, he decided to help Dane and the rest of the prisoners escape and steal a dropship, but something went wrong and both of them were captured in the act. Dane listened as they experimented on Caynan, driving him slowly insane. The waiting must've been terrible, as he seemed to know it was only a matter of time before they came for him. And eventually they did. The log ends there.

Dane made numerous mentions of his fiancee, Laura. I'd imagine the photo I found in Caynan's cell is of her.

Am I the person in cell 03 that Dane wrote about? If I am, then Caynan and Dane were trying to rescue me. Maybe Dane can help me escape this station, if he's still alive - and if I can find him.

I feel a bit worse about killing Caynan now, knowing that he betrayed the Mondites to help me and Dane escape get out. I'm convinced that I did him a favor by ending his torment, but I can't help but feel a bit queasy remembering it.

I wish I didn't use his own arm to do him in at the very least.