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by TerminalBlue

Part 81

Shit, they have me out in the open, and the concussion alone from those guns might be enough to kill me despite my suit. I have to run for it.

I manage to avoid the dropship's lasers, but just barely. As soon as I get out of its firing arc, I hear an all too familiar voice over the loudspeakers.

Mastaba: "What a dissapointment you are!"

"One more failed experiment."

"When the reactor goes critical, you and this entire base will be disposed of."

"And soon I shall begin work again on my next test subject..."

"... your friend, Doctor Escher."


Even if it costs me my life, I'm going to find that bastard Mastaba, wherever he's gone. I'll make him suffer so much he'll wish he was a subject on his own operating table by the time I'm through.

Damn you, Mastaba... you haven't seen the last of me.