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by TerminalBlue

Part 84

Looks like they left her logbook behind when they took her. Could have some useful information in it.

Seems like this logbook is the same one that's transcribed in the main computer of the Mondite base that I read earlier. I guess it won't be much use after all.

Scanning through it a bit more, it looks like there's one entry for 1871 that was likely edited out of the version on the base mainframe. It's got an access code written in it... 78396. Could be useful for something.

Wait... what was that sound?

Ugh, not another one of those parasite things. I don't have the time or the inclination to be screwing around with any more of them right now.

I give the disgusting little thing a love tap, it curls up into a ball, then I give it another smack to send it flying. I make a break for the transport tube.

The little bugger is quick, but it's attempts to sting me are in vain, as I feel the tube suck me up and out of the room.

At least when the planet blows up, all these little bastards will die with it.

Now I have to head back for the landing platform, fight my way to the Icarus, then I can finally get off this rock.