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by TerminalBlue

Part 87

Got it. These locks aren't enough to keep a child out, but I guess they suffice for your average Mondite.

As I go through the airlock, I notice that I'm hurt a bit worse than I thought. I've taken alot of abuse since I first broke out of my cell. My body's ability to heal itself is amazing, but it isn't perfect. I am just a prototype, after all.

At this point I can't risk using any more energy from my battery to heal myself.

I still have a bit of that medical spray left. I'd better take down my shield if I'm going to use it though.

I hose myself down with the stuff, whatever it actually is, until the canister is empty. It doesn't heal my wounds like my self-repair system would, but it takes the edge off the pain. It should be enough for me to get off this planet, which is all I care about at this point.