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Bionic Commando

by kefkafloyd

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Original Thread: This thread will explod in 60 seconds: Let's Play Bionic Commando! [Video]



Hooray for bad title logos you whip up in five minutes!

The seminal Capcom NES classic, Bionic Commando, is here for the watching! Behold as I poorly commentate my very first LP of any kind.

I felt that screenshots wouldn't do this game justice, so with encouragement from slowbeef after a night of item collecting and general buffoonery in the Super Metroid LP, I've finally managed to make a proper screen recorder work in Vista.

What is Bionic Commando, you ask? It's a game where you use a bionic arm as your only means of moving on the vertical axis. By grappling around, you navigate the battlefields of eastern Europe to stop the nefarious Badds in their plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Table of Content

Video 1: Areas 1, 4, 5 Google Video Download AVI
Video 2: Areas 2,3,6 Google Video Download AVI
Video 3: Areas 8, 9, 7 Google Video Download AVI
Video 4: Areas 10, 11, 12 and the end. Google Video Download AVI
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