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Part 2: Bonus Content for Update 4

In this update we see a lot more interesting imagery as well as meet someone very special. I also have gold guns now because I purchased the Season Pass this week. That also means I can potentially do things with DLC! We will, however, miss out on the free Infusion upgrades.

Bonus stuff...
I was looking at more art I may be able to show off this update. This doesn't really have anything to do with the content of this update but it is interesting none the less.

I spotted the concept art in the left most link and noticed the man standing with his arm raised was supposed to be the statue of Comstock we seen at the beginning of the game but he clearly looks different. This reminded me that Comstock's look, as you might imagine, went through various iterations before settling on the aged and bearded man we've come to know in the game thus far. Image two is an early example of what he may have looked like. Image three a much more chiseled and younger look for Comstock, perhaps a closer alternative to how Comstock is perceived in the final game.