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by BigTUnit1

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Original Thread: They're Fornicatin' With Our Wives! - Let's Play Bioshock Infinite



---Game Description---
Bioshock Infinite is a first-person shooter/adventure game set in the fictional flying city of Columbia. Gameplay follows the original Bioshocks closely: use of guns, bizarre powers (Vigors, in this case), a very brutal melee weapon. Where Infinite takes a detour is the Skyhook, one of the most exciting modes of transportation in recent gaming (which doubles as the aforementioned melee weapon), and your partner Elizabeth's...powers. More on that later.

But where the game shines on its own is the story and the presentation of the city, its inhabitants, and Elizabeth. It's an engrossing, and potentially uncomfortable, romp through themes of infinite universes, racism, spirituality, and fate.

The story is such:
You are Booker Dewitt, a private investigator who has been sent to the flying city of Columbia to find the mysterious girl, Elizabeth, to pay off his mounting debts. He enters a world ruled by patriotism-turned-religious zealotry, and he is quickly marked as a false shepherd by the inhabitants, destined to lead the future prophet astray. Thus begins a self-fulfilling prophecy of everyone attacking you, so you destroy the city and rescue Elizabeth, who is being pampered into the future prophet. Way to go, Columbians.

Does the story stay that simple? Fuck no.

---LP Description---
We intended to have two versions of each video: voice-commentated and subtitled, but we failed to actually hold onto the raw footage to do the subbed versions, so this is an all-commentated playthrough. Don't stress though; our commentary alternates just as easily from chaotic snark to serious, thoughtful discussion on the game's writing and design. If you would still prefer a quieter LP that better emphasizes Infinite's atmosphere, we recommend Sundowner's LP.


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