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Part 1: My final post on the Final Boss and Tonics

Welp, that's it. I know the endings abrupt and a bit disappointing, but as has been said this last half of the game felt rushed and unfinished. Playing through the game again made me realize just how much potential it still had in it. More time to finish out the post-Ryan story. Some more polish on the mechanics and all that. I'll be posting several more short videos just showing off a few things, but for all intents and purposes, we are done here.

Anyway, Boss mechanics. Fontaine fights like a combination of a Houdini splicer and a Bouncer Daddy. His attacks are fairly damaging and if you die you have to start all over, so bring health packs. They come in a shockwave blast and a charge, both of which are fast and can easily catch you if you aren't attentive. The fight itself comes in three parts. The first has Fontaine coated in fire, so things like Incinerate and Explosive buckshot will do considerably less damage. He is vulnerable to cold and anti-personnel ammo. Once you drop him, the second stage starts. His second form is ice, so no ice based weapons. On the other hand Incinerate will take him down extremely fast. He also triggers an alarm, but it's more of an annoyance than anything. His last form is electric. His attacks are at their strongest now, and he becomes very resistant to your's. Lay into him with everything you have and he'll go down before too long. Some splicers show up to say hello, but you should know how to deal with them. Just remember that if you've been saving things up, now's the time to stop saving.

Dirk the Average posted:

Brainamp, I definitely admire you for pulling off an entertaining LP of Bioshock - whenever I play the game, I feel compelled to hunt through absolutely every container and proceed at a snail's pace. This leads to me having absolutely everything maxed out almost as soon as it's available, but it's incredibly boring to watch. Out of curiosity, would you mind going over your Gene Tonic and Plasmid selections for the final boss when the time comes?

The tonics I had for the main run were the "balanced" set-up as I like to call it.

: Plasmids

1. Winter Blast 3 - great for stunning enemies for a while. Actually serves as a good escape mechanic if you find yourself being killed.
2. Target Dummy - Draws enemy attention away from you. That's it.
3. Electro Bolt 3 - The good old standby. If this isn't always in your line-up, something is wrong.
4. Incinerate 3 - Incredibly damaging. "Fire" and forget.
5. Cyclone Trap 2 - Launches enemies that step on it into the air. An all right plasmid at best. Best used in hold-out situations.
6. Telekinesis - Same Electro Bolt. Helps to get supplies that are out of reach and great for killing enemies all throughout the game.

: Physical Tonics

1. Boozehound - A must. Removes the EVE penalty from alcohol, so you can drink your way back to full.
2. Hacker's Delight 2 - Great if you do a lot of hacking.
3. EVE Link 2 - Really saves on EVE.
4. Bloodlust - A wrench perk. Great if you've decided to focus on a wrench centric playthrough.
5. EVE Saver - A DLC tonic. Nice, but not necessary. Does what it says on the tin.
6. Natural Camouflage - Nice for harder playthroughs as you can just let enemies walk by without engaging them.

: Engineering Tonics

As I really don't care about these, they get a low effort section.

1. Speedy Hacker 2 - Reduces Flow Speed.
2. Vending Expert 2 - Lowers vending machine prices.
3. Shorten Alarms 2 - Lowers Alarms to 30 seconds from 60.
4. Safecracker 2 - Makes hacking safes easier.
5. Prolific Inventor - Doubles amount of items from inventing.
6. Clever Inventor - Lowers inventing requirements by 1.

: Combat Tonics

1. Static Discharge 2 - When hit by a melee attack, it'll make you give out a small AOE burst that hurts and can stun. Good all around.
2. Electric Flesh 2 - Reduces electric damage and makes your stronger.
3. Damage Research 2 - Raises the bonus damage done from research. Very good if you went hog-wild with the camera.
4. Human Inferno 2 - Same as Electric Flesh, just with fire.
5. Frozen Field 2 - Freezes the wrench and reduces ice damage. Good, but better for wrench centric runs.
6. Armored Shell 2 - Reduces all damage taken by 25%. Very nice to have.

It's important to note that all tonics stack with their previous versions, so having Armored Shell 1 and 2 would give us a bonus of 40%.

Thanks for watching everybody.