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Part 46: Extras

I was asked in the thread what happens if you put in the wrong answer when attempting to leave the room, to which the answer was “nothing, Ancora knows the answers to the doors so she would never intentionally blow her head off”. Instead, the game gives you a hint to try and tell you what the answer should be (if you haven't solved the puzzle and are trying to brute force it), but there are also some easter eggs if you put in specific answers...

In the Reactor room with Trist, when you're asked who 'the true enemy is' (the answer being 'TIME'), if you put in 'ME', you get this:

Which, well. Yeah, fair enough. :v:

In the Stars room, when Ancora's alone, when you're asked “what are the keys”, if you answer, well, “keys”, you get this:

:v: I didn't find any others when I tested it out, but then again, there's only a couple of rooms where the answer isn't limited in some fashion, so this is probably all there is.


There's a handful of scenes we didn't get to in the actual main game, so I'm going to go over them here.

The first one is on one of the very first routes we did, where the first vote ends up stalemating and Invidia 'sacrifices' himself to save everyone else from dying at once. After it's decided that Ancora, Luxuria, and Superbia will be grouped together, you return to the Crossroads to retrieve Luxuria, at which point the three of you examine the voting machine setup first. At one point, Ancora has the option of whether to immediately remove the shotgun or to first examine it where it's set. If Ancora chooses to take it, the following conversation happens:

BGM: Metis
The question remained: either Ancora took the gun, or she left it there. On one hand, the gun would give her protection. if it was left here to act as a shield...

Ancora glanced to the other two; they hadn't noticed the gun coming loose. Having it would make her a prime target. That was why, if she took it, she had to be sure of what she wanted to do with it. With the stress of the moment getting to her head, Ancora... ...took the gun.

Rising back up, Ancora reached both hands forward, grabbing the shotgun. She took it off its stand and held it in both hands, one on the trigger and the other under the barrels.

Cora... what the hell did you do?

Superbia kept her distance to watch Cora in light apprehension. Or perhaps envy, or maybe even disgust. The fact remained that Ancora now had a gun. Luxuria glanced over and recoiled in panic.

Ancora shook her head.

No, I'm just keeping it for protection. I don't want to shoot anybody.

O-oh, that's reassuring...

And then it continues on regardless of which option you chose. The only mechanical difference this choice makes is, well...

...taking the gun gives you 33% TRUST with ???, something that would make no sense to you, the player, at this point in time. There's actually an achievement on Steam for doing so. But it's very easy to miss this if you aren't checking the TRUST levels often, especially since you're already locked in and none of the other TRUST choices matter in the slightest- as you're locked into this ending when Invidia dies in the first vote.

That said, there's one other piece of information that's very easy to miss if you make the “wrong” choice. Later on, when Superbia and Luxuria vanish, Ancora goes looking for them and can go in one of two directions. We chose to go for the first hallway, but if you choose to go look at the voting machines first...

BGM: Metis
They couldn't have gone too far; there was only one way to take. Even though there were a few twists and turns to Wing A, the entirety of it had just been one long hallway. But now she was at a crossroads. Fitting, for this middle area of the school was often nicknamed “The Crossroads” by the students, as it stood between all four wings.

Where did they go? Did they go back to the voting machine? Did they go back to the first hallway?

Ancora wasn't sure, but ultimately... she went to the voting machines.

That's right; something was wrong. She didn't expect to necessarily find anyone here, but as she approached the shotguns to examine the ninth one, something was amiss. The shotgun was there, of course. Yet, her hand was going through it, unable to touch it or pick it up. The same was happening to Invidia's shotgun; she could touch the symbol plates, but not the firearms.

Huh? It's there, but... I can't touch it... What is this, what does it mean? I definitely could touch it earlier!

A ghost? Can't touch it, hand going through it... That's the sign of a ghost, isn't it? No, that doesn't make any sense...

Ancora was scared by what she was witnessing- scared enough to leave the area back to the staircase. She waited there a few minutes to try and figure out where Luxuria and Superbia had gone, but they never appeared.

And from there things go basically the same as before- Ancora ends up shot by two figures she doesn't get a chance to actually make out. The end.


There's one section of the flowchart we didn't do, and that was when Ancora is doing the Sally-Anne Test with the others- she's told to use her powers to “see” what's going on, and while we hacked both Avaritia and Invidia, we never hacked Superbia, so we're going to do that now... starting with her hack puzzle.

BGM: Mens Metis

And the solution is:

The solution to this puzzle is to arrange each tile alphabetically- the letters are obvious, but for the numbers, you go based off of their word rather than the visual number (so 8 is next, because it's “eight”, then “forty-five”, then “four”, then “ninety-eight”, then “one”, etc etc etc.)

BGM: Metis
Normally, the helmets connected instantly. This time, the entire thing took a while longer, as though there was something that purposefully interfered with the connection.

Strange. It's as if the frequency had only begun to share, so the data transfer is slower... or something like that.

That's stupid. I'm out of here.

I wonder what they had been talking about. I guess I won't get to know, and it's all because of that stupid helmet's connection. I hope something isn't broken.

Superbia walked away from the boys and down the stairs, glancing over at the two upturned bowls. One of them contained the fifteen ME-cards, and the other had nothing.

One of them has everything, and the other has nothing...

BGM: Memini Meminisse
The girl thought about what it meant for several seconds. She identified with that situation, deep inside, even if she didn't quite understand what she was thinking about. She figured there would be no harm in looking under the bowls, so she turned one of them over. The fifteen ME-cards were located under the cyan bowl still.

Superbia decided to rectify that problem and shifted the ME-cards under the red bowl instead.

It's impossible to split them in the middle. There are fifteen ME-cards, so one of them will end up with more than the other. If that's the case, then one might as well end up with everything, and the other nothing... What about purpose, then? What's the purpose of the one that has nothing? My family's rich, and I don't need anything. But... even though my family's rich, I'm not. I really wanted to put my money to good use...

I'm the queen bitch of the school, however. I'm the rich girl everyone wants to be friends with. I can help everyone with my money. I've spent a lot of what I had, myself, just to make others happy. But then they go away if you stop that. So instead of spending on them, I keep it. I'm still the rich girl. I'm still the untouchable queen bitch. Then they keep depending on being friends with me if they want to look good in public.

She remained in silence for another few seconds. After all was said and done, someone came by.

BGM: Medius
Hey, go tell Ava and Cora that things are fine now, they can come back. It's time.

Do I look like a door to door salesman to you?

No, you look like a lost little girl who has no idea about what's happening. Please.

Ugh, fine.

She flipped the bird, though the motion was softer than usual, as if she was doing it as a joke. She walked away, back to the doors leading into the first hallway they'd been into. That's where she met Avaritia, who was right behind them.

From here it's all basically the same as when we hacked Avaritia, nothing else new happens for the rest of the segment.

Next update, we uncover the first of the post-game secrets! :eng101: