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by Mix

Part 48: YOU

BGM: Memoria

I had no idea what I was looking at. In fact, I had no idea how I even got here. My thoughts were scrambled, and I lost track of reality. Alex was talking to me. Not Ancora, not Pandora, but me. Who was I, really? I'd been decieved twice. I was made to believe I was Ancora, then Pandora. In reality, I was probably “me”. I had no name. Others referred to me as “YOU” before.

To put it simply, as I can sense you are having difficulties understanding your predicament, you are the most impossible entity in this place.

But you are... different. We may be able to refer to YOU as “A Birthed Memory”. I was instructed with these words so that I may relay them in your presence, as it were. This is not Alex speaking- he merely believes he is having a normal conversation.

In reality, they have been brought together so that I may let you know about the next part of Ityne's plan.

I am remotely communicating with you through this small terminal. I do not have much time, so listen carefully. First of all, I would like to apologize. Surely, you have lived through countless lifetimes worth of difficulties. No one should be able to shoulder such weight, but the fact of the matter is that YOU are necessary.

That is... incorrect. I've been extremely distant with members of my own family, and that is also a crime. Lucille is my daughter, and Alex is her brother. They both ignore that fact. I've had... more of a presence for my daughter, which is something I regret terribly. To put it simply, I ignored I even had a son before I came to prison. ...But yes, that principal is me. I currently am located in the prison at

and you will be a necessary element to further Ityne's plan. I know you may not like her, and you may also not care for me, but everything hangs in the balance.

While we were meant to live within the confines of each of our timeframes, YOU are made of information that can travel to previous iterations of the universe, carrying it from future ones.

That is why you are necessary, as the past is the past and cannot be changed, but there are elements that are required to be brought about for Project Deforge. And that needs your help.

I will say, though... I already know this future is doomed, but another will come. Be there at the prison. Only YOU can avert the world's ultimate stasis.

I still wasn't sure if I should help or not. Besides, I wasn't sure if my presence helped at all. One thing was for sure, though.

Welcome to My Emptiness.