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Part 52: INTERVIEW: Avaritia

content warning: vague talking around the topic of pedophilia (nothing explicit), suicidal ideation

BGM: Meridianus

We do, but it can't be disclosed to test subjects.

Is that really what I've been reduced to? A test subject?

Please just answer the questions we'll give you. The sooner that's done, the earlier we can all move on from this.

From what you're saying, I won't get to “move on” from anything. I'll be kept captive here anyway, won't I?

It's inevitable. We still need those questions answered. The first ones are generic. First, please tell your name and occupation.

And now, your birthday.

It's not today.

I'm asking you for the day. Day and month.

It's the twenty-sixth of February. Is there a reason why I have to say these things aloud? I assume you already have all this info noted down.

I have it put down, yes, but it's a formality. I'll need your favorite color now.

Purple. I hope it doesn't come off as a surprise. I even wear contacts so my eyes can be purple, too. I think it looks great.

It's also a royal color. We have more in-depth questions coming up after this one.

I swear I'm gonna wake up from this weird dream anytime now...

You have to answer, yes. This is part of the process.

So what are the more in-depth questions?

The first one relates to your job.

Great. Marvelous. Amazing.

Is this some sort of evaluation test? Why am I wearing this helmet?

I assume you've already been briefed on this. It's not a test, and this helmet is necessary for your operational state.

Well... whatever. You asked how things were at work, right? Ugh... don't tell me about it. I really can't stand it, all things considered. I have to earn my pay and that's it. If I could, I'd just leave it all behind and let those kids handle themselves on their own.

I do what I can, though. It's really more of the same, all things considered. You'd think those kids would've learned to do their assignments on time, at least.

In the interest of transparency, I am doing some redacting in this interview. For example, her response to this question also mentions offhand her “desires” (:yikes:) and no fucking way in hell am I transcribing that shit. I don't think anyone reading this LP cares if that shit's included, and we already know the deal here, so no point in continuing to bring it up. If her response to a question ever seems weirdly worded, just assume I cut out a line about you-know-what. :colbert:

Why did you even become a teacher if you dislike it so much?

It's been a while now. I already told you just now, didn't I? I don't know why I'm like this. I don't like it. I'm not going to hide from who I am, but I still don't like it. Besides, that wasn't all. At first, I also thought it would be quite amazing to get two months of vacation every year to do whatever I wanted, even if they were both in the summer.

Well, turns out that I didn't even get two months off anyway. In fact, I get the same amount of time off as anyone else because I didn't take into account all the extra work that came with it. In the end, I've been had. Now I'm working as a teacher, and it pays the bills. I can't just transfer and recycle. I'm already in my thirties.

I am completely excising the next question, which is about whether she's had affairs with students. We know the answer to that :froggonk: I'm skipping to the last part of her response to the question so it segues.

I already know it's not right and I could get fired at any time. Seeing where I am now, it may be just as well. I know I'm terrible. I'm a terrible person; you don't need to tell me that. Not everyone gets to be fed by a silver spoon. Can we move on from this question? I make myself uncomfortable.

Then, what's the most annoying thing kids do?

Exist? I don't know. I don't like children... they get on my nerves a lot, and it's not even their fault. It's partially on me, but enough of that. The fact they're kids... that they have barely an understanding of the real world... that they're so stupid so often... All of it is annoying.

What even is a gratifying childhood, anyway? Hah! A myth, a thing I've never known.

Subjects surrounding children aren't your strength. Let's move away from those.

Yes, please. :froggonk:

About time.

Are you interested in fashion?

Honestly, not really. Ugh, the need to be dressed appropriately at all times is rather grating, I think. If I could, I'd work in pajamas. Nobody should care about what I wear as long as my job is done correctly. Formal wear is a chore, fashion is very often insane, and... keeping up with all that is a fool's quest.

My family... …


Any details?


Fair enough. What's the next best thing after a couch?

Don't you give rankings to couches based on their comfort level?

I don't do that. I like a couch like other people, but that seems slightly insane. But let's entertain that idea for a bit and say I'd like couches enough... A bed is the next best thing, I guess. Being asleep is great. It means I can escape everything into a completely separate world. And if it goes wrong? I just wake up, no problem. Speaking of, can I wake up from this already?

This isn't a dream.

Funny. Everything is a dream, isn't it? When I wake up, I'm still dreaming. I'm dreaming that I'm a sociopath. I'm dreaming that I'm this bastard of a woman. It's all just one long dream and when I'll die, I'll wake up just like all the other dreams, and then I'll remember who I really am. A much better person.

I'll have to ask you to stop with the introspection.

Why? You have no power over me. This is a dream, isn't it? It's my dream, so I can do whatever I want. If I die, no big deal.

She was apprehended by the guards and put back under stasis by force.

That was a little messy, but that's done now, at least. Interview over. Any further questions will be declined. Log complete.