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Part 53: INTERVIEW: Gula

BGM: Meridianus

All we need you to do is answer a few questions.

Undesireable, but inevitable considering the situation. Is this the principal's office?

Yes, it is, and it's good to see that you're willing to be cooperative. First, please tell your name and occupation.

Why is my father not here?

He's currently too busy. What is your birthday?

That would be the fifth of April. Am I in trouble?

Technically, no. But we still need to do this. It will only take a moment. What about your favorite color?

I have a penchant for black. I am verily aware it is not truly a color, yet that constitutes my answer regardless.

Good so far. You're the easiest one to work with.

I am not easy...

We'll have eight in-depth questions coming up next to determine your stability. Please answer as truthfully as you can.

How would you discern if I mention any falsehood?

We can compare as you answer because we know all your answers beforehand.

Cripes! How much information do you truly hold?

We're the ones asking the questions. The first question asks for your current status.

I wish I could enunciate a positive answer, but my current predicament is inordinately arduous. Ergo, I am afraid yet prepared to confirm the reality that I am, in fact, covetous of a meliorated situation, to say the least. I trust you understand the gravity of being incarcerated within an unknown, vile location and that none in their proper presence of mind would remain excellent.

All of this means that you're not doing very well, right? I was told you were speaking with eloquence, but you seem to lack the proper use of the subtleties and nuances of the words you say.

Be that as it may... ...s-shut up. My desire to be erudite is stronger than what you believe.

I doubt it. Anyway, did you choose to speak this way, or does it come naturally?

Each syllable infiltrating my diction constitutes a spontaneous pattern. As much as I recall, I have expressed myself in this specific method ever since I remember. In that way, it is a negative. It is all completely subconscious.

And yet when you get flustered, you lose your vocabulary.

I developed a vested interest in reading about words as my night time literature was made of a thesaurus in parts. Then, it developed into this speech.

I'm me, okay? And I like to talk well, so shut up!

Classic example of losing your cool. What is your opinion on the dystopian future in The Handmaid's Tale?

I... what? Why choose something so specific?

This is the question I've been given, so you'd do well to answer it.

This is... very strange, but fine. Pray do not mistake me for my erudition; I have scarecly obtained the chance to peruse for novels. I have thus never heard of this so-called tale. Regarding the dystopian element... Most inhabitants being unable to readily maintain their own agency seems quite regrettable.

I'm copying it down verbatim, for the record.

That seems excessive.

But necessary. What do you think of the Geneva Conventions of 1949?

:psyduck: what

I will once again question your precision in these questions...

I'm not the one who wrote them. Please answer, I tire of repeating this part.

I'm afraid to admit history does not constitute my most favorable subject. The Geneva Conventions were part of the treaties ratified surrounding the topic of... Which one was that again? My memory is failing.

The dose we already gave you might've been too much. They're the treaties about civilian rights during times of war.

It's pretty common knowledge.

A true know-it-all answer. As for my opinion? In my utmost honesty, I have none. The documents seem necessary for continued casualty-low warfare and the respect of rudimentary existence rights. Why are these questions so ungodly specific?

I think your speech patterns give the wrong idea.

Someone speaking well doesn't mean they have all the knowledge in the world...

What is the most interesting documentary you've ever watched?

You have a lot of information on my subject, do you not? Then you should be aware that my family did not have access to television services in which I could watch documentaries.

Ask me something I know, already! Stop asking me these things!

I have no control over these questions. We only have three more to answer, don't worry.

Glad that'll be over. This is a monumental bore.

Which reality show would you like to be a part of?

Once again, something related to a pastime... You do know my skills lie with tinkering with machinery, right? The time I have spent watching television is infinitesimal. If there is a reality show surrounding the topics of cars, perhaps that one. I fancy myself a mechanic, do you understand? I work with wrenches and other tools. And ever since my father has disappeared, I have scarce a moment to spare for my own self...

We have two more questions to go. Do you know how to dance?

No, I've never learned. I have tried when I was much younger, but my balance is in shambles. I hope this answer does not constitute a disappointment. Truly, I harbor absolutely no interest for dancing. Especially since those practicing it nowadays are happier doing it like jezebels...

So, you would say you have no interest in the companionship of your peers?

Mayhap if they would be more conscious of their image.

Well, do you think you could ever be in a romantic relationship?

A romantic relationship. Do you think you could ever be in one?

I, ah... I... I suppose I could... but I don't really see with who... I think my ideal kind of person would be, um... I suppose I'm weak to small things. Someone who's short might... ah, heck, what is all this?

Her sprite is shaking back and forth for this dialogue.

You're getting embarrassed.

Y-yes, as I am wont to be when asked these highly personal questions. Who wouldn't be?

Relationship with someone short... weak to small things...

Do not- do not note this down!

I suppose I have scarce a choice in the matter... Where did these guards come from...?

Two men, dressed in black and red accompanied the girl away. She docilely did as she was told and soon, she was put back in the stasis pod she first came out of.

All noted. Sometimes, a small lie is necessary to avoid a mess. Interview over. Any further questions will be declined. Log complete.