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Part 2

Alright, let's check out the cop shop.

Secrecy and anonymity will become our best friends.

Sure thing, Blacksie. Let’s head inside.


Alright. Let’s come back later.

Dark Wolf wanted me to come see him at his bar. Let’s stop by.

It’s always good to have a place to relax.

Ah, the Lone Wolf bar. Let’s head on in.

I could use a cold one!

Your mother was a great admirer of Dark Wolf and his beliefs.

This place is quaint.

Dark Wolf won’t miss this old bar rag.

I’m sure he won’t, but I won’t need it either. It’s a 100% useless item.

Good, let’s chat with him.

The day

Blackstar, each day is a blessing as long as air fills the lungs and goodness fills the heart.

Your words always move me, Dark Wolf.

Ah, our life in this realm is so short. One must release a kind spirit back into the womb of Mother Earth.

I understand. Your day went well.

You learn fast, child.

The cops

We live a peaceful existence with respect and admiration for one another.

Your mother

Blackstar, I sense a troubled soul remains with you to this very day.

Yes, Dark Wolf. I can’t let it go.

Your mother… my friend… was a great woman. Strong. Brave. Yet so caring and loving.

I do not remember.

Of course, you were so young, Blackstar. She loved you dearly. Her fate shocked the whole tribe.

Please, Dark Wolf, tell me again of her fate.

She was taken from us, Blackstar. Kidnapped from our land… our reservation. Enticed into slavery.

How cruel.

So true. She was forced into prostitution by those who abducted her. Her life ended…

She was murdered…

Shhhhh! Do not speak of such tragedy in my place of business.

I’m sorry, Dark Wolf. I will respect your wishes.

We shall speak no more on the subject. The elders must tell you more. I will request their wisdom.

I would be most grateful, Dark Wolf.

I will leave a message at your home when the tribe will meet again.

Blackstar knows a bit of his mother’s fate, but his tribe seems unwilling to give him details. Patience.

The tribe

We shall convene soon. You will be alerted at the proper time.


I’m not packin’ anything, Dark Wolf. Can you help me?

Guns are the tools of fools, Blackstar.

Yeah… Yeah. I’m not interested in a gun. Something more intimately destructive.

Such a young heart to be filled with violent thoughts.

Protection. Self-defense. Not violence.

I have a crowbar under the bar. Will that do?

Perfect. You have no use for it?

It has served its purpose. New artifacts arrived the other day and we used it to open the crates.

Thanks, Dark Wolf.

And he gives us the crowbar. Awesome!

Lonely like the darkness within my… I mean, let’s chat with her.

Her name

Hi, my name is Amber. What’s yours?

Um… Joey.

Joey, huh? Well, Joey… anyone ever tell you you’re cute?

Actually, my mother used to say that.

Oooh, a sensitive man. I like that.

The bar

What am I doin’ in a place like this? Oh come on… you must have a better line than that!


I look lonely, you say? Ha… depressed is more like it.

Why’s that?

You don’t want to hear about it.

Try me.

I recently went through a long, strenuous divorce. The jerk has left me a wreck, to say the least.

I’m sorry.

Thanks, but I’ll be ok. It’s just… oh, never mind.

Please. Continue.

(sigh)… well, I’m 37 now and not getting any younger. And the bar scene isn’t my style, y’know?

Look, you’re an attractive woman. You seem nice enough. A man will enter your life again, I promise.

Thanks. You’re sweet, y’know that?

Umm, sure thing.

Say, would you like to, y’know, go somewhere more private?

Maybe some other time. I’ve got work to do tonight.

What? Blow off a sure thing like that? Nice going, Limpstar.


Buy me a drink? No thanks, I think I’ve had plenty for one night.

Sure. Just let me know…


I’m a secretary over at the District Attorney’s office. How about you?

Me? Let’s just say I do things for people and leave it at that.

This exchange seems like it would be setting her up for being a source of info later, but nope. Like the blonde prostitute, she’s there just to fill time.

Dark Wolf

Should I know him?

He owns the place. That’s him behind the bar. He’s a good friend.

That’s all we’re getting out of Amber. Big waste of time. But at least she's not a hooker.

I hate to leave, but I guess we should.

No point in sticking around. Dark Wolf will contact Blackstar if he’s got news.

For the sake of exploring, let’s check out the subway!

Violence is the only lesson a punk will learn.

Some jerk sticking up a little kid with a banana. Blackstar can’t ignore this injustice.

The punk looks tough. We shouldn’t go into this unarmed.

Seriously, Blackstar? You could probably scare this guy off by yelling. Well, good thing Dark Wolf gave us that crowbar.

I think you fucking killed him, you crazy bastard.

Well, that was excessive.

I think Blackstar’ll go ponder his sins at the cemetery.

It’s a good thing the dead can’t speak.

Nice ambiance. This is a pretty damn empty graveyard. There’s a shovel leaning against the tree, I’ll grab that.

Eeee! Spiders! Eeee!

That spider looks poisonous. Don’t mess with it.

Since Blackstar is being such a girl about this spider (and can’t thwack it with his crowbar, apparently), guess I’ll put that can of bug spray to use.

The beast is defeated! But I thought the can was full when I found it. I imagine Blackstar just screaming as he sprays the poor spider for a full five minutes while it just lies on the ground, long dead.

All this for a single rubber glove? I don’t want to know what you intend to use that for, Blackstar.

The masoleum [sic] looks to be worth checking out.

Sure, let’s go for a midnight graveyard stroll.

It won’t budge.

Damn. Guess I won’t be violating the bodies of the dead with my rubber glove tonight.

Maybe those’d be nice for Blackstar’s neighbor, Jisel?

That would be sacrilegious.

Oh, fine. Nothing left in the graveyard, then. Let’s blow this joint.

I’m just wandering the city now. Heading over to Staunton Park.

Always so negative. Let’s let him ponder this place:

Good friends are hard to come by. Keep them happy.

What are you, a fortune cookie? This is neither helpful nor relevant.

Crawling in my skin, these wounds? They will not heal.

Might as well sort through the garbage again. Blackstar hasn’t eaten yet.

Nah, I ain’t that desperate. Besides, that old guy might see me.

He’s busy with his paper. He does us no good, anyhow.

No friends here, I guess.

Ooh, binoculars.

Let’s take a look.

Hmmm… not much there to see.

Same result for the second window. Third window:

Oh good.

Yes, this game is pandering to your inner horny teen to sell its second episode.

I’ve such an urge to play some Larry games now.

And that’s the last. To be fair, Episode 2 does allow you to actually see inside some of these windows.

That’s enough voyeurism for a day…

Next time, Blackstar will commit to the punk rock business of building his own rig and installing Linux, the rock 'n roll operating system.