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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 3

Today’s society is very computer literate. Too bad I’m not.

Of course you’re not, Blackstar. That’s for nerds, unlike trenchcoats. Let’s head on in.

Rargh! I’m so angry I could twist that lamppost back into shape. Let’s get out of here.

That’s kind of nondescript. Let’s go there!

Again we are reminded: if we want tits, we’ll have to cough up the cash.

Safe Harbor is a home for orphans and homeless children. We could go there, but there’s nothing of interest in this episode.

Instead, let’s check out the woods on the corner of the map, ominously titled “island shack”.

Too bad they’re not the hallucinogenic kind… we could make a ton selling these in the city.

You nefarious badnik, Blackstar.

There’s something stuck in here, though.

Hmmm… there’s a sack full of heavy stones lying in these weeds. It might be useful.

I have no idea why someone would leave a sack of stones in the bushes, nor why Blackstar would think it might be useful, or pleasant to carry around.

Let’s head further down the path.

Ok, we’ll check it out.

Here’s the famed island shack. Below, some nice flowers.

My friend, Jisel, loves this kind of orchid… we better grab a handful to keep a supply on hand.

Alright, nabbing them flowerses. Finally we can talk to Jisel.

Something tells me to leave that mass of rock alone.

You sure? There’s still room in these pockets for a heavy whatsit to carry around.

We were not invited.

Blackstar’s being awfully serious about this shack.

Alright I’m getting scared.

Ok, maybe we should keep our distance.

Now that Blackstar has obtained some flowers, let’s finally talk to his prostitute neighbor.

Lemme just find my keys… ah… let’s head on in.

Still a classic.

Knock… knock… knock…

Your neighbor has always been fond of you.

Goddamn, can’t this woman hang a poster straight? This is embarrassing.

How she is

I’m doing well, Blackstar. How ‘bout yourself?

Surviving. It’s the only way to live.

So you say. You’re looking as good as ever, y’know.

Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself, considering the life you choose to lead.

Don’t start, honey. My life is mine to live. We’ve been down this road before.

Okay, sorry, I just want you to know I’m here if you ever need a friend to talk to or help in any way.

I know, and I appreciate that. Inside that tough exterior lies a heart of gold, Blackstar.

Sure thing, babe.


The cops

Haven’t bothered me since the incident with the mayor.

Yeah, that caused quite a shakeup down at city hall.

That was the past, and I’d rather keep it that way.

Huggy Bear

I got rid of him. I guess I’m… umm… a private therapist… you might say.

Good, I couldn’t stand that guy. In fact, I thought about getting rid of him a few times myself.

Ooowww, I love a man who’s violent.

Her pimp was the pimp from Starsky & Hutch. Jesus, Lord, this game.

The weather

Been kinda warm lately, I must say so myself.

Grrrggh. I’m sorry for this. I’m sorry for everything.

Her life

What about it?

You ever think about givin’ up this… lifestyle?

Sometimes. But the money is great, and I don’t answer to anyone. It’s not easy to leave.

I guess. As long as your [sic]5 happy.

But if the right man, someone like yourself, sweeps me off my feet, then who knows…

You flirtin’ with me again?

Of course, honey. What woman wouldn’t go for a man’s man like yourself?

Keep it up, babe. Maybe you’ll reel me in yet.

Oh, by the way, I brought you these stupid flowers.

[sic], [sic], and [sic] again.

You don’t have to give her the flowers, by the way. You just need them in your inventory so Blackstar’ll knock on her door.

Well, that was a helpful exchange.

Later, Jisel.

Let’s hit the mean old streets again.

Cool… let’s go bang some heads…

Blackstar doesn’t really have reason to be here, but the guy at the till is a friend, so let’s have another pointless chat.

I guess the jerk ain’t listenin’.

Can’t talk to this guy. Big loss.

Time for a donation to the Blackstar fund!

Keep your hands to yourself.

Pshaw. You have much to learn about the vigilante game.

Unlike the rest of us, I presume. This is Mike, let’s talk.

Mike may have also been involved in a horrific accident with a belt sander.

What’s up

Not much, Blackstar. How goes it with you?

I’m doin’ fine, Mike.

Most excellent, dude.

The noise

It’s that kid jammin’ over there. He think he’s the next Mel Odious or something.


You need some equipment?

Well, maybe in the future, but not right now.

Whoa, most heinous, dude. Let me know… I can get any type of recording equipment you might need.

As you may expect, “in the future” means “next episode.”


It’s been bogus, dude. Society is broke these days, man.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Business slow for you too?

Could be worse.

I guess half of nothing is still nothing.

Yeah… I’ve had enough of this place.

I’d cut the update here, but we’ve really done nothing of substance still, so let’s head back to the police HQ.

Sheesh. Still some shadowy guy trawling around in there? How long am I going to wait?

This must be that “better bush out on the street” Blackstar was talking about.

Forget it, man. Those things are sharp.

Good thing I now have that rubber glove from the cemetery.

Yeah, never go divin' in street bush without a glove. I'm a little weirded out by the "you put the glove on my hand" bit, though.

Well, if I’m lucky…

See, this is great. The way the game is set up leads you to believe you have to come back later so the guy inside will be gone. Instead, you have to find the key in the bushes to get in. Thanks for nothing, Tommy.

Alright, that padlocked locker must be the one Cam mentioned. Let’s smash it…

Don’t you see the lock on it. Cam mentioned it would be locked. He never makes anything simple.

Clearly. Maybe Blackstar’s thoughts on this room will finally be of use.

Sometimes, the right tool for the job is all it takes.

I have one tool…


Looks like some guilty conscience passed this onto Cam. I wonder what’s on that floppy…

Let’s take a closer look…

Anything worth reading on this board?

Cam Grissel. Cop of the Month.

What a good cop Cam is.

Lockers must be emptied after each shift.
Police Academy 52 – Now Showing.
SWF seeks man in uniform. Call 555-9833.

Remind me to write that down for later.

For sale. The Flub. Anti-Theft Device. Only $159.99.
A list of America’s Most Wanted.

Hey, I’m number six on the list. Leave it alone.

Shooting Range Hours: 10:00 – 6:00 daily.
$2 off a dozen at all Shrunkin’ Donuts shops.
Some message about a policeman’s ball.

Nothin’ much on this board. Check out somethin’ else.

Good idea… let’s cruise before we get caught in here.

Yeah, or just some normal guy who worked hard for a nice car, I guess. Jeez. Want to steal it?

Screw it, we’ll set off the alarm.

I should head back home and call Cam to let him know I picked up the “package.” Next time!