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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 5

No… please… no more…

Oh well that’s me out then guys! Have I mentioned I’m 13?

Some unclear blood-splattered bunker seen through a fisheye lens…

(sort of )

Visions of pain… visions of torture… visions scanned from Tommy Vitacco’s stack of bondage magazines…

Extremely MSpainted to hell visions of some dude with a beard and the prerequisite excess of hair.

Alright, I get it. Enough with the scantily clad digitized bondage chicks zipping across the screen.

One last silhouetted woman, with a guy with a gun on the right…

He shoots!

He kills.

Listen to the intro:

I’ll help you get your stupid late stage revenge, kid.

Back in Blackstar’s apartment, the laptop with the images we just witnessed still on the floor.

I guess Blackstar put his Swiss army knife back into the drawer, let’s get it back.

OK, we shouldn’t leave this computer out on the Floor, espcecially [sic] in this neighborhood.

Too true. Let’s pick up the laptop.

Let’s examine this plant. There was no point in the first episode, but now…

I have a few joints hidden in this plant. I don’t smoke the shit… but so many others do…

Who keeps joints hidden in their houseplants just for company? You have no friends who come over, Blackstar.

Alright, let’s listen to the answering machine.

Looks like we’ll be plenty busy. Let’s start by calling Cam back, now that we’ve seen the diskette contents.

I guess I should call Cam back.

Ring… ring… ring…

Hey Cam, it’s Blackstar.

You watch it?


What do you think?

My mother suffered. Now… so will the freaks.

Any idea who the freaks are?


Ah, maybe I can help. But not over the phone.

Of course.

Same place as last time?

The locked room at the cop house.

Yeah. I may have a lead.


I’ll leave you a message on the bulle… hold on… blah-blah-blah… Blackstar, gotta go. Bye.

Wait, I didn’t get the whole… he’s gone.

There’s got to be a more efficient way to get these meetings with Cam done.

Blackstar has some hot goods to offload, so let’s call Prey.

OK, I’ll page Prey.


Blackstar. Hey man… it’s Prey.

That was fast.

I was at a phone when you rang.

What’s up? You interested in any merchandise?

Always. What’cha got?

A laptop computer. One hundred bucks. Sounds good?

No shit? You got a deal.

Meet where?

You know that strip joint over on Central?


I’ll be at the bar all night. Gonna check me out some poon-tang.

See you there.

Great. A guaranteed sale and an excuse to visit the nudie bar. Let’s get out of here.

But let’s stop by Jisel. She left us a message, after all.

How she is

Never been better. Thanks for asking.

No problem.

Her johns

Same as usual. Guys will be guys. Always thinkin’ with their dicks.

Except me, of course.

Of course, honey.

Yeah, Blackstar. You’re special to her.


I passed all my tests so far.

Please be careful, Jisel.

Don’t worry. I don’t go out into the rain without a raincoat, if you know what I mean.


What about it?

Me and you… we should go somewhere… just the two of us.

How sweet. Anyplace in mind?

I would love to take you back to my birthplace in the Southwest.

I thought you hated the reservation?

But I love that part of the country.

Well, I might be able to take some time off pretty soon. Let me think about it.

Sure thing, babe.

It’ll never happen, Blackstar. Let’s get out of here.

Hey, know what’s fun? When a new episode means new locations to explore. Know what’s not so fun? When there’s absolutely no indication that you can now go further down the corridor by putting the mouse all the way on the right. Took me so damn long to find this.

Just two more doors on this side. Let’s try apartment 57.

OK, forget that, I guess.

Let’s have a looksee on the roof.

Careful, I don’t like heights.

There’s only one thing worth interacting with on the roof:

Hmmm, someone left a hacksaw on the roof. Cuttin’ something? Makes you wonder. Let’s take it.

Our blonde friend is still around as well. Let’s have another pleasant chat.


Hey, when you got T&A like this, you gotta even ask?

The cops

Always askin’ for some free service… if ya know what I mean.

Her pimp

He takes care of me. Why?

He’s an asshole.

Yeah, you know him?

Sure. Treats women like whores. Oh, I forgot… that’s what you are.

And proud of it, Sugar. Get lost.

Jesus, Blackstar, you are such a piece of shit.

The life

Beats nine-to-five, stuck in some office.

A good time

Depends on what you call a good time, Sugar.

Not gettin’ it on with you.

Go to hell!

Well, that was once again nice. Let’s get out of here.

OK, Cam again left us something inside.

Hmmm, it’s not locked this time. In we go…

Cam seemed about to mention the bulletin board.

Let’s take a closer look…

Let’s examine some of the messages again.

Look, there’s another message pinned under this one. Let’s read it…

Hmmm… I wonder what that means. We should get rid of the message.

That’s fairly sound advice actually.

Shit! Someone in here…

We gonna get raped.

Locker room

What do you think you’re doing in here?

Uh, I was told to be here.

Oh yeah? By whom?

Cam Grissel.

Way to get your friends in trouble, Blabstar.

Really? Are you the one they call Blackstar?

Oh good, we have a groupie.


I have something for you. It’s from Cam.

He cut me off on the phone…

A victim was discovered this morning. It’s his case. He had to run.

What do you have?

Here. It’s some sort of tape. One of those reel-to-reel types. I don’t know any more about it.

OK. Thanks.

Cam Grissel

He’s my boss. Nice guy.


They’re always good for a bust… or a quickie… dependin’ what you’re in the mood for.

Been disappearin’ lately?

Shit, they disappear all the time. Pimp gets sick of ‘em… kills ‘em and dumps ‘em.

You think it’s always a pimp that whacks ‘em?

Most of the time. Could be a sicko that gets off on that sort of thing.

See you later

Sure. I’m late, so I gotta run. Please let Cam know that I delivered his package for him. Bye.

Alright, we’ll have to find a way to listen to that reel-to-reel tape, but first… let’s meet Prey at the strip joint.