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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 9

Back to the homestead. I’m going to take one more crack at spying on the Safe Harbor building with the binoculars.

His outline looks like scum.

Blackstar can recognize Jisel by her silhouette at 30 yards.

Nooo! Indecent!

We’ll have to discuss how she’s mine and her flesh belongs to me alone.

Sure, it has nothing to do with him banging the subject of Blackstar’s Madonna/whore complex.

Let’s go over right now and wait for Jisel to come home.

Whoa, OK. She came home really fast.

There’s just one new topic now.

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor? The place that houses runaway children and stuff like that?

Pretty sure this is the first and only time anyone explains what the Safe Harbor building actually houses, officially.

Yeah, and stuff like that. I saw you there.

You spying on me?

You might say that.

It was business, Blackstar. Why are you so concerned all of a sudden?

The guy who runs the joint. I think he’s bad news, Jisel. Evil surrounds him. I’d watch yourself.

He’s nothing to me, except a good tipper. I can take care of myself, honey.

Could you introduce me?

Ah, honey, just drop it.

I’m dead serious.

Ok. I’ll call and tell him to watch for you.


Hi, it’s me, that whore you have sex with sometimes. A male friend of mine wants to meet you. What time would be good for you? Hello? Hello?

Back we go to Safe Harbor then.

Alright, let’s be discreet here.

Well. Guy angrily glaring at me, skulls on the bookshelves, nude photo on the wall. I think Blackstar’s met his match.

Let’s talk to this goateed goofball.

Grab a drink. This is the most retarded conversation in the game.

Who you are

It’s not important.

Ok. My name is Blaze. Blaze Stalker.

I’m a lone warrior with a mysterious past. And I can use all guns and I have a sword, and my skin is bulletproof.


A bit personal, don’t you think?

No. You use them. Why?

Ha, you shoot straight from the hip, don’t you, Blackstar?

And I stab straight through the heart.

I detect a note of hatred in that tone. You must be an angry man.

Oh Blaze Stalker. You have no idea.

Life & Death

Quite a concept, wouldn’t you say?

You value neither.

A bold statement. Care to back it up?

I know about you… and your sick, pathetic fantasies.

Blackstar, you’re being… a little abrasive here.

You do, huh? I have nothing to hide.

I’m afraid you do. But you won’t be able to hide from me.

Such a fool. You can’t touch me. I’m invincible.

His smugness is almost as stifling as Blackstar's. These guys deserve each other.


A dear friend.

She’s a whore. You use her. Pay for cheap sex.

Prove it.

I don’t need to. Visions are gouged into my brain. Visions of you and her engaged in…

She was MINE! Hear me? MINE!

You spy for a living?

No. I kill for a living. Jisel is my friend. Enough said.

You threatening me?

More like a warning asshole. Watch your back.

Listen. How dare you come into my place of business and threaten to kill me?

Not a threat… a promise.

What? How dare you…

I repeat. Jisel is my friend. I protect my friends. My enemies… may they rest in peace…

You’re doing a great job at protecting her here, Idiotstar. Pissing off the guy you suspect of gruesome murder, who knows where she lives.

Safe Harbor

A safe home for the wayward youth.

Fuck that, it’s a cult. Face it, asshole.

Watch your language.

I’ll fuckin’ watch my fuckin’ language when I’m fuckin’ good and fuckin’ ready!

Impressive. Quite the command of the English language.

Like I said, it’s a cult. You brainwash the whores. Use them in your secret films.

Blackstar seems reluctant to go after this guy without proof, and yet he’s tossing out accusations of stuff he doesn’t know for sure or has any evidence for. This is because he is an idiot.

Films? I think you better leave.

I’m not done. I know what you do, Pal. You don’t know what I’m going to do to you.

I asked you to leave.

Years ago. The Southwest. Indian reservation. Murder. Kidnapping. It’s time for revenge.

Get the fuck outta here!

I’m leaving, Pal. You have not seen the last of me.

The bitch will pay…

Ya think?

I’ll just go home and tell Jisel what a great job I just did!

I’ll just use Blackstar’s tool to get him in again.

Fuck’s sake.

This is like the worst 80s revenge movie you could think of.

Alright. Time to get the proof Blackstar needs to appease his defective conscience.