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BlackStar: Agent of Justice

by davidspackage

Part 11

Blackstar said he wanted to give the necklace he found in the blood-splattered bunker to Sacred Bear. Let’s head over to the tribe.

Blackstar actually recognizes it as Indian handiwork.

I appreciate that Blackstar is making super double-serious sure that Blaze is his parents’ murderer before he goes after him, but in the intro to episode 2 he saw his mother get killed in that exact same bunker where he found the necklace so this seems an extremely redundant extra step. Aside from, you know, finding the torn picture that the killer tore in half in Blaze’s office, and him being the only one who could’ve killed Jisel.

Contrary to my expectations, Prey’s “special friend” is not the burnt-out hippie Blackstar spied with the binoculars in Stauker Park.

Oh Blackstar. Let’s go home and call Prey.

I guess I should page Prey again.


Blackstar. Hey man… it’s Prey.

I need some help. Your friend. He must supply a weapon. Meet me in the subway.

Yeah, a weapon. Like a crowbar, or a hacksaw, or a shovel or a stick or… don’t you just hate adventure game protagonists who keep throwing out useful items?

You got it, dude. I’ll be there in a flash.

We have one more stop to make before we see Prey, though.

Hey, Dark Wolf. Can I snag this carton of smokes? They’re Prey’s favorite brand, y’know.

Consider them a gift. I’ve no need for them. Tell Prey his lungs will soon be dark wings of death.

I’ll tell him. I need to get in touch with him soon.

Obviously the idea was I’d pick these up sooner, but they only appeared in Dark Wolf’s bar just now, and I had no reason to come back here since all conversation options are exhausted.

Right, time to meet Prey at the subway station.

Maybe I’m just tired but look at that arch on the right. How does that perspective work? I mean, hi Prey.

What’s up

I’m cool, bro’. How’s it hangin’?

Slightly bent to the left, if you must know.

Haw haw!

The subway

Valley of my peers!



Sometimes it’s the only way, man.

Yeah. Put an end to the suffering.

And your misery.

His friend

You’ll love him.

When can I meet him?

Right away. You got anything for me?

A carton of smokes. Your special brand.

So this is what we needed the smokes for – Prey won’t help us otherwise.

Hey, Prey. A carton of smokes. Enjoy.

Excellent. You familiar with the shack out on the island?


Take this magnetic card. Use it on the statue.

Then what.

You will enter the sanctuary. Be prepared. It’s not pleasant.

I can deal with it.

The Vet… will take care of you.

The Vet?

That’s what we call him. He works with animals. You’ll soon see.

Thanks, Prey.

Animals? Things are taking a dark turn…

Finally we’ll get a look inside the fabled shack.

Ok, we’ll check it out.

Alright. Let’s use Prey’s card.



Thanks Prey. Now we’re in a windowless cabin full of animal parts hanging from chains, with only a man in a leather dress for company.

Fool. Never touch dead animal parts.

The Vet prefers that we don’t touch his stuff.

I’m not sure I want to talk to this guy.

Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA

Oh yeah, this dude is metal as fuck.

The Shack

My sanctuary. As well as my lab. Welcome. You must be Blackstar.

Yes. This room reeks of death.

Death follows us all, Blackstar. It strikes as it pleases. You could say I assist in his work.

You could say the same about me.


Ah, Prey. He’s proved valuable in my work. You know him well?

Yes. He’s valuable to me as well. You and I… We seem to have a lot in common.

So we do.

♫ And afterwards we drop into a quiet little shack and cut a dog in two… and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like “I love you…” ♫

Did Prey explain my… needs?

You want death. I can supply it.


All were supplied to me in their present state… dead.

You have dead animals delivered to you?

Oh, yes. You see, all were rabid. Suffered violent deaths. But very useful to me.


The brain tissue of the dead animals.

You use the brain tissue?

Not the tissue. The disease engulfing the tissue.


Rabies… Blackstar. Your new weapon.

Oh lord. Yes.

As a one time thing in the game, asking about the topic of animals opened up a new topic.


The perfect weapon… and a horrible way to die.

But a fitting way for scum to leave this earth.

Let me explain a little about the virus. First, you inject the virus so it contacts nerve tissue.

Any part of the body?

The brain would be the best. As soon as the virus touches any brain tissue, the disease is irreversible.


Quite. Once in the brain, the virus replicates within the gray matter. Then moves to other nerves.

Can it be treated.

Let me finish. The disease grows in three stages… the last increases brain stem dysfunction.

Sounds painful.

The victim now slips into a coma and eventually dies. The whole process takes about four days.

A slow, painful death.

Exactly. If the victim is unaware of the injection, they may not seek medical assistance in time.

Which seals their fate.

The dog hanging to the left was an excellent specimen. Extracted a vial full of lethal virus.

How would you recommend I use it?

I will supply you with a syringe full of the virus. Wait until the victim is unconscious or sleeping.

Sleeping? Wouldn’t the piercing of the skin wake the victim?

The needle is a special coated metal which will not produce a pricking sensation when used.

Wow, this guy has all the angles covered for me to commit some fucking crazy disease murder.

Sounds perfect.

Like I said… the perfect weapon.

What do you want in return?

The results will be payment enough. Prey informs me I can trust you. I expect anonymity, of course.

No problem. And thank you. From me… and the spirit of my dead mother.

Dead mother? You out for revenge?

Yes. And now I shall have it! I will be on my way…

Thank you for your syringe full of rabies, on my mother’s behalf.

One thing. I want the magnetic card back. I don’t plan to see you again unless absolutely necessary.

Of course. Here’s the card. And thanks again…

I will never forget you, you magical metal murder man.

OK. Time to confront Blaze Stalker. God, I love typing that name.

Still very quiet in here. Let’s go in.

Ah! Blaze lies resting. Perfect.

Don’t wake the asshole!

Of course it’d be kind of anticlimactic if it were as easy as this…

Oh, I guess that’s just how it ends.

Listen to the conclusion:

Yeah, that’s how it ends. After an excruciatingly convoluted search for this guy, with at least 80% of the actions in the game not contributing to the main plot or any kind of progress, we sneak up on the villain and inject him with rabies. This is quite possibly the worst climax I have seen in any media, ever.

I don’t. I so don’t.

Take care, Tommy Vitacco. Hope you’re a better guitar player than a game designer.

And thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this terrible gamoid!