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Original Thread: Blackthorne (SNES) - No one needs your pity. Bye. (Video LP)



Who is this mysterious, glowing man who's willing to exact shotgun revenge upon whichever thing that moves, human or not? Kyle Blackthorne, that is.

Welcome to Blackthorne.

Released under a great handful of gaming platforms in 1994, like the PC, Mac, SNES and the Sega 32X (and a more recent Game Boy Advance version released in 2003), this game definitely was the ultimate badass game until Duke Nukem 3D came out, a few years later. Blackthorne basically was the lovechild of Flashback and Prince of Persia: a platform game with a great deal of exploring, gunfighting, all combined with the casual puzzles that will block your way as well than several acrobatic feats that you must pull off.

There is a rather elaborate story of the game, which, however, can be summed up to this: "The human race of the planet you're living on is enslaved by mean orcs, only you can save the day all thanks to your mighty gun by shooting everything in your way". Basically, you must stop a beastly being called Sarlac, who wants to steal the Lightstone from your dead body, in order to be the supreme ruler of Tuul. Who knows, maybe they play stone-trading games in this parallel world? Either way, this Sarlac dude must DIE, but not you.

Why playing the SNES version?

Well, this is the version of the game which I played when I was a kid. Also, it got the smoother animation and graphics from all other versions of the game that I played (I never played the 32X version though). Finally, there is the soundtrack. This is one of the things which mesmerized me about this game. The game got this ambient, rocking soundtrack that constantly keeps you on your toes. This further enhances the cool atmosphere the game tries to settle, which can't be said when it comes to the PC version! Its weak, medieval and run-of-the-mill soundtrack isn't really that inspiring.

The only minus that the SNES version have is, obviously, the lack of violence courtesy of Nintendo. There's no blood or gory death animations, although thankfully, they do still allow you to exact gratuitous violence upon whoever stands in your way, no questions asked. Besides, this means that people won't give you weird looks, should you watch those in a public area, somehow! The ease of play, the animations and everything else ultimately make it so that it's my favorite version in the lot. It's the one that will allow me to do better commentary since I've done all my playthrough with it, so everyone will win in the process!

Let's get things started anyway! I want the obligatory gameplay pictures!

We can shoot some friends! They're not much of a challenge, obviously.

Get this guy an Oscar for Best Dialogue!

Owww! That's way below the belt, mister!

For this, I'm going to shoot all your buddies dead. My gun is bigger.

Like any other LP I've made so far, this is a video LP, and you'll hear the usual heckling of enemies, friends and whatever needs to be mocked! You'll probably watch me being incredibly stupid as I fail obvious obstacles or fight off enemies in a totally random or weird fashion! Without any further ado, get ready for what is likely to be one hell of a wild ride. Close to no one is going to live! For once, this will be a thread about other people dying, not me!

Table of Content

Mine Level 1 - It's Show Time! Google Video Download AVI
Mine Level 2 - Escape Danger By Standing Idle Google Video Download AVI
Mine Level 3 - ARRRRRRRG Google Video Download AVI
Mine Level 4 - New Ways Toward Pain Google Video Download AVI
Forest Level 1 - The World is Corrupt Google Video Download AVI
Forest Level 2 - Oh... the forest is mean... Google Video Download AVI
Forest Level 3 - The Hardest Game You'll Ever Play Google Video Download AVI
Forest Level 4 - Don't Drink And Play Google Video Download AVI
Wasteland Level 1 - GUITAR SOLO Google Video Download AVI
Wasteland Level 2 - Beef and Balls Google Video Download AVI
Wasteland Level 3 - The Good Ol' Tales of The Gun Google Video Download AVI
Wasteland Level 4 - Welcome to Your New Life Google Video Download AVI
Castle Area - You Are Going DOWN... er up. Google Video Download AVI

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