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Part 11: Act II - Why Don't You Get a Maggie Tattoo While You're At It

Act II - Why Don't You Get a Maggie Tattoo While You're At It

We're headed to Aminoid Row to follow on some clues. It's kind of a night market place.

First, we've got a couple of pieces of dragonfly jewelry that's been identified as belonging to a Rep. We also found a takeout box from the crime scene, belonging to Kingston Kitchens, a local Jamaican café.

While we're here, we can probably snag some illegal DVDs and iPod knockoffs.

This is what it looks like in the film.

And that's the game version.

Despite getting everything else dead on, they couldn't get a large crowd rendered right, probably due to technological limitations. It kinda hurts cause it's the Asian-style, sardine-packed claustrophobic streets that contributed to the alienation of the American audiences.

Anyway, there's a giant green neon dragonfly sign on the far end, I guess that's our clue to get going.

Well, this is pretty much the height of sadness.

Buying man jewelry. With your dog's name on it. I don't think it gets any lower than this.

It ends up in our clue database, but I don't think you can do much with it, except get made fun of.

We can head into Hawker's Circle, the main part of the market.

Hey, on the far side there - the fat pixelated guy in the suit... isn't that Lieutenant Guzza?

By the time we run over, he's gone already. Hmm.

Over on the right side, we can find Kingston Kitchen. Let's see.

Roasted chicken, check.

Big black woman making stew, check.

Multiple Bob Marley posters, check.

Well, that appears to be a dead end. The murderer probably just bought something from here and pretended to be a delivery boy.

Damn, now we're pretty dry on clues.

Coming back, we can see the dude in black - the owner of the Green Pawn - hanging out front. This is basically how most of the randomization works - people are just hanging around the city. Sometimes they're there, sometimes they aren't; they have their own little lives. If you don't see them around, you can always come back later and check.

Hmm. It's an Asian guy with blond hair.

We talked to the protester in jail last update, and he mentioned someone matching this description at a bombing over at Tyrell.

Our intrepid cop, defeated by a flashbulb.