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Part 12: Act II - Back in Business

Act II - Back in Business

Last we left off, we were questioning a suspicious shopowner named Izo, who had been spotted near a bombing of the Tyrell headquarters.

We stopped to pose for a photo...

And the guy got away .

Well, let's see what we can do about that.

First thing first, take out our frustration on the gate lock.

The back of the store has some stairs leading to the Batcave underground lair.

Notice the giant, slowly rotating fan on the left with the light leaking through. About 75% of the 'scenes' in this game has a fan in there, somewhere, somehow. Even the ones that don't, there's a rotating fan 'offscreen', casting the shadows into the scene. It's like some production designer's cosmic joke.

Now where could our rude little Asian friend have run off to.

The backway leads to more sewers, but this grate goes back to the street. Izo probably couldn't have run very far, so the street seems like the best bet.

Ah crap, we just got jumped again.

What kind of jackass runs around with a katana anyway?

Before we can pull some ninja move, dive out of the way and pull our gun out, Crystal runs in and caps Izo. With a shotgun. From a good 40 feet away.

Whether Izo is a Replicant is randomized when you start the game. He could be a Rep, or he could be just a guy who happened to sell some guns to Reps.

The only way you find out (since he won't sit down for a VK test) is because Crystal is apparently psychic - if she kills him, you'll know he's a Rep. If she just runs up and arrests him, he's a normal guy, and you can talk to him in jail later. That's why they call it the magic, I guess.

Anyway, since Crystal technically got the takedown, Ray doesn't get the retirement bonus money. Which means less money going to the Maggie companion fund.

We screwed up, so the only thing left to do is to go the bar and get plastered.

The signs are a mix of Chinese and Japanese characters. My Japanese is non-existent and my Chinese is not a lot better, but if you're curious, the two characters under the 'China Bar' sign say, 'Fire Water'.

Also, note the unicorn on the rug to the right, which is probably another Deckard joke.

Hmm. Izo seemed to have dropped his camera while he was making a run for it.

We can grab it and take it back to the lab.

Two new photos on Izo's camera.

First is... well, this is embarassing.

Just to get it out of the way, here's Ray's shocked face as he's outsmarted by a turn of the century flash camera.

There's one other thing to find in that picture.

Second photo is far more interesting - a couple of people at the China Bar, chatting. There's 3 things to look for here.

Where should we start?

Smash Lampjaw posted:

Getting both faces is a good start. Good thing these cameras can rotate so goddamn much.

But this guy we know - the same guy who shot up the pet store. He sure gets around. This makes tracking down the blonde a lot more important.

One more thing to spot in that one.

IMJack posted:

First photo - the guy facing the stall in the background. Or the two people on either side of him, one holding an umbrella, or the other walking to the right.

You mean this guy?

I can tell you who that actually is - it's Deckard in a little cameo. This is the one time in the game we actually see him.

If we zoom in, he's handing a small scale in a plastic bag over to the lady:

It's suppose to be the same moment from the film:

"Not fish. Snake scale."

Anonononomous posted:

I meant second row from the bottom, all the way on the right.

Hmm, doesn't look like we can make out anything from the counter.

I'll reveal the last bit - it's the red dot at the top.

It's actually the security camera above the China Bar:

Why is this important? Well, it means there's another source of video footage we can tap into to see the area. We can only see this side of the bar from the photo, maybe the security camera can show us the other side.

This is the same moment the other picture was taken, just from the opposite side of Hawkers Circle.

First, on the right, there's a suspicious looking character.

Yep, that's Izo. I don't know why he was taking pictures of the bearded man and the blond woman - blackmail maybe?

I guess it doesn't matter now that he's dead.

This is more disconcerting - the guy in the grey suit here, talking to a cop.

Lieutenant Guzza.

So we've got Izo the arms dealer, the animal murder suspect, and Jeff Garlin, all within the same area at the same time. Is it just a coincidence, or is Guzza crooked? Or maybe he's... a Rep?