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Part 15: Act III - This Is About To Get Silly

Act III - This Is About To Get Silly

Last we left off, Ray was busy getting beaten to pulp by a Bob Marley lookalike.

I think this is the point I started liking Clovis. Up till now he’s been trying way too hard to be the dark and mysterious reincarnation of William Blake, spouting poetry at every turn, even when it didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Faced with a bare-chested Rastafarian who doesn’t appreciate poetry, he kinda just gives up and starts talking normally a bit for a change.

Unfortunately it doesn’t last. Wise man… tree… what?

Now we’re on… Mars?

The camera swivels around and it’s… Ray.

What the everliving fuck.

Ray wakes up with a stiffy. Hey, at least the dream didn’t have unicorns in it.

Future fashion is always a shifting target. Star Trek and other sci-fi at the time had people wearing tight body suits and what not, to make them look spacey and futuristic. Blade Runner mostly had most people dressed in raincoats and grungy clothing, but on most of women main characters I think they took the position that fashion was inherently retarded looking to anyone not living in that time period. I don’t know how else to explain people running around wearing clear plastic vinyl for clothing.

I said that same thing about those black Capri pants that every girl was wearing a few years back, and they came and went. I think the moral of the story is, I feel old.

Aww, Runciter was a kiddie diddler.

We’ll have to go back and cap him in the head later.

We’ll see. We’ll see.

Bad Ray! Stop staring at the fourteen year old’s chest, Ray!

She’s holding a teddy bear for crying out loud.


Too much to ask for the little pink haired lolita to just untie us, huh.