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Part 16: Act III - Let Me Tell You About My Mother

Act III - Let Me Tell You About My Mother

Last we left off, the Replicants beat up our valiant detective, tied him to a chair, and left him to the mercy of a prepubescent girl.

Those motherfuckers.

We may be tied to a chair, but we can still hop around like there's no tomorrow.

Well, this is fun, but it isn't getting us anywhere. Fortunately, there's a radiator thing in the back of the room we can use to cut our ropes.

Before we make a run for it, we can rummage through Lucy's bed. There's a couple of items here. First, we can grab an old photo, which we can analyze later. We can also steal the little girl's doll .

That'll teach her for not untying us.

We can also find a game token for Hysteria Hall, an arcade down in the fourth sector. That sounds like where we should be headed next.

Downstairs, we bump into a tall guy arguing with the hotel manager.

If this was a hotel, how did they manage to drag an unconscious cop upstairs without anyone noticing? Meh.

This was another needless movie cameo, brought to you by too much development time. This guy was Leon, one of the Reps that Deckard tailed in the movie (and the guy who shot the detective during the opening). Hence the reference about his mother.

Interestingly, Deckard didn't kill any of the male Reps in the film - Batty died of natural causes, and Leon was shot by Rachael - the only ones he got were women, and one of them was shot in the back. Then he semi-rapes a third Rep. That's kinda messed up now that I think about it.

Anyway, we can wander into Leon's hotel room.

But it's kinda pointless as Leon has nothing to do with our case at all. We can find a snake scale in the bathtub, and also this:

Detective Holden's badge? Holden was the cop who was shot by Leon at the beginning of the film, but why the hell would Leon have his badge? Doesn't even make any sense. You also can't really do anything with the badge. This is just another case of the developers having too much time on their hands.

Although, it's a nice throwback to when video games were more of a budding industry, and you didn't have publishers shoveling shit out the door for Christmas season (as much). They even had time to put in a bunch of easter eggs in this game, including a 'squeaky voice' mode, a mode where every line of dialogue is followed by a sitcom laugh track, and even pictures of the Westwood staff. No one does that kind of stuff any more .

The hotel manager ran off after his argument with Leon, so we'll have to come back later and question him about his rather unpleasant clientele.

Hmm. That ground car looks familiar.

In the front seat of the car, we can also pick up a hotdog... I mean, lichendog wrapper.

I had tofu hotdogs once at a friend's barbeque, and it was as god awful as it sounds. In his defense, he had to deal with a bunch of ethnically picky eaters there, so it ended up being tofu hotdogs and veggie burgers, and kosher patties, which had to be cooked in a separate grill from the halal beef patties for whatever reason (insert Palestinian joke here). I also ended up trying some sort of seaweed patty. What the christ.

Anyway, where was I.

The computer back at the police station confirms the car we found. The used car dealer is located in the fourth sector... which is conveniently the same place as the Hysteria Hall arcade, and the lichendog stand. It's almost as if the game was pushing us to go there next.

Before we do that, we have to examine the picture we found in Lucy's bed:

Interesting. The vehicle in the background is a crashed Moonbus. Gaff talked about some Replicants hijacking one a month ago, so these must be the same guys.

Just to get the easy one out of the way:

Our main bad guy, mugging for the camera. Two more people to find in this picture.

CaptainCaveman posted:

Back by the fire in the barrel.

Our resident ethnic stereotype, Sadik, working on the Moonbus. No surprise there.

Sideshow Charlie posted:

I think he meant this guy: