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Part 17: Act III - Yet Another Game With Real Moral Choices™

Act III - Yet Another Game With Real Moral Choices™

We were digging around in a photo left by the Replicants when we spotted this in the background:

Does this mean Ray is actually a skinjob, planted at the police station by the Replicants for their own nefarious purposes?

Or was it a cleverly faked photo, designed to throw Ray off the scent?

Either way, there's only one solution to this - more drinking.

Let's just keep the news under our hat for the moment. We don't need certain people - other blade runners, for instance - finding out about it.

We're gonna head to the Hysteria Hall arcade - we found a game token in Lucy's bed, and it sounds like the sort of place a kid would hang out at.

Whatever happened to video arcades anyway? I remember like, 10 years ago there was a huge resurgence, and there were new ones opening up all the time here. Then the console hardware started catching up in the early 2000's, and the arcades pretty much collapsed overnight. My local mall here went from 5 down to 1 within a year. I understand they're still fairly popular in Japan though.

Slightly buzzed, Ray goes and does some more of that investigatin'.

For the record, it was Richard Nixon's Checkers speech. And he said 'fur coat'. And these two coots are both senile.

We'll go inside the arcade to check for Lucy...

But she's not here.

Notice the easter egg on the right though - people are still playing Command and Conquer Red Alert, in 2019? Really?

Interestingly, there's a used car dealership next door. Maybe they've seen Lucy around.

Crazy Legs Larry is (badly) voiced by Joe Kucan, aka. Kane from the Command and Conquer games. I think he was also the director for all the Westwood cinematic stuff in their games, including this one. Was, until EA bought Westwood out and fired him.

There's also a rooftop to the place, where an action setpiece takes place later in the game. I just wanted to show it off now because I'm always bemused by the Dodge Viper here retrofitted with hover jets. If you click on it, Ray says, "What a piece of junk!"

We try looking next door again, and Lucy finally shows up. Damn NPC randomized scheduling .

There's two major things we can do here - we could try to be a by-the-books cop, or we could take pity on a little girl. This is a bit of a moral dilemma:

1) Try to administer the Voigt-Kampff test on her, to see if she's a Replicant, She hangs out with Reps, so she might be a Rep herself. If that's the case, she's here illegally and will have to be retired.
2) Be a nice guy, warn her about the other blade runners, and tell her it'd probably be a good time to start running. She hasn't done anything really wrong, has she?