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Part 18: Act III - The Hunt For The Cheese

Act III - The Hunt For The Cheese

Sounds like her mom’s a Replicant… and she’s coming to the end of her 4 year lifespan. Which explains why they’re on Earth looking for a cure.

Okay, now what the hell is she talking about? Stupid kid.

Time to put a stop to this nonsense.

Annnnnddddd…. she’s gone.

After we retired her ‘Uncle’ Zuben back in Chinatown, you didn’t think she’d trust us enough to let us VK her, right? I guess I should have explained it a better before, but trying to VK someone is pretty much a hostile act, and guarantees a fight or flight response from most suspicious people.

Actually, if we had let the sushi chef live instead of shooting him, we would gotten a nice phone call from Lucy at the end of Act 1 thanking us for being so nice. Instead, we got threatening poetry on our answering machine, and now Lucy’s bolted, so we probably won’t find her again soon, if at all.

We’re head back to the Yukon Hotel (where we got tied up). I actually screwed up last time and missed a big clue there.

Why did I miss the clue? Well, do you see anything suspicious in this picture?

Of course not. Because we were suppose to be looking a brown blob like 4 pixels wide, under the closest chair. It’s actually a piece of cheese. Fucking pixel hunting .

I don’t see why diary products would be so illegal. Now beef… that would be something else.

You know, instead of Replicant people, why don’t they make Replicant cows?

Now what would Replicants be doing with illegal cheese?

Kingston Kitchen is at Animoid Row, so… let’s take another spinner ride.

Let’s think back. We’ve seen a guy like that around before.

He was back in Chinatown, hanging around the sushi chef.

He also saw us when we retired Zuben too.

So the guy in red must have stolen the delivery cartons, and gave them to the other Replicants. Sadik used the boxes to fake entrance into the Tyrell building and set off the bomb. They must have dumped the cheese out first, which ended up on the floor of their motel suite.

Sounds like we need to find this guy in red.

The other place that opened up in the fourth sector, next to the arcade, is Nightclub Row.

Ah, the red light district.

On the left is a fun little titty bar called Early Q’s. Don’t worry, we’ll head in there soon. For now, we’re going to checkout Taffy Lewis on the right. That’s actually where Deckard found Zhora, the snake dancer Replicant in the film. Where there’s one Rep, there’s bound to be more, right.