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Part 19: Act III - A Renegade Cop. A Robot Renegade Cop.

Act III - A Renegade Cop. A Robot Renegade Cop.

Last time, a trail of illegal cheese led us to look for a brightly coloured man down on Nightclub Row.

This asshole is named Gordo Frizz, a so-called comedian trying to get his big break here.

They created the word ‘Chinyen’ for the game, and it took me a while to understand what the hell they were talking about. Then it dawned on me that it was a combination of China + Yen, which made a lot more sense.

It’s suppose to be another one of those ‘cute’ references to the film.

The main act for the club, Zhora the snake dancer, got shot by Deckard recently, so they had to bring on this Gordo Frizz guy to replace her.

Wait, we never said anything about shoplifting.

There’s another pixel hunt here – underneath the green cursor, you can sort of see that Gordo’s left his lighter on the bar counter.

We can grab it, but there’s no distinguishing marks on the lighter. Nothing to indicate whether he’s a skinjob or not.

Ughhh. We should just shoot him right here and now for his awful jokes.

Despite how annoying Gordo is, I quite enjoy this little interchange. You don’t get to VK him here (he’s quite uncooperative), so all the clues you need to tell whether he’s a Replicant are through his dialogue. You just have to listen carefully.

Besides the ‘interrogation’ thing, there’s also a bit of meta commentary on the whole ridiculous blade runner process too. Because really, what Rep would want to sit still while a policeman runs a VK on them?

And with that last joke, Gordo makes a run for it. Everybody runs.

Sorry, might have been getting my Philip K. Dick movies confused.

For once, Ray actually catches the guy outside – and he doesn’t get jumped. Of course, Gordo doesn’t seem interested in getting away here.

Well, like the man says – do we shoot him or not?

Petrosjko posted:

He gave us permission. It'd be rude to not shoot him, in my opinion.

Well let's see what happens.

That's called 'police assisted suicide'.

Game over!

ThemeMusicC posted:

He might be one of those pricks who will go out of his way to ruin other people, even if it means getting shot in the chest in the process so they get terminating for trying to retire a human. Don't give him the pleasure.

That's pretty much it exactly. He's a horrible comedian, and all he cares about is becoming famous. He figures the only way he can be do that is by getting himself mistakenly shot as a Replicant.