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Part 2: Act I - One Man. When Your Life is No Longer Your Own.

Act I - One Man. When Your Life is No Longer Your Own.

Meet our game's protagonist, Detective Ray McCoy.

The architectural language of the film has been discussed endlessly; this police station in particular has that neo-fascist, art deco quality to it that makes it instantly recognizable and intimidating. The monolithic stance, the needless light pollution - the thing doesn't just stand there, it looms over the surrounding buildings.

The inside of the police station was filmed in Los Angeles' Union Station. In the future, even the train stations have been taken over by the cops.

The same shot from the movie. They had to shoot it at night and probably bleach the colour of it to get this look, as the station is actually quite golden and pretty inside in reality.

And of course, they copied the office interior into the game, down to the cheesy designs on the lampshade. Good god, they must have been so sick of rewatching the movie by the end of development.

This is McCoy's lardass boss, Lieutenant Guzza.

There's numerous references indicating the game's events are taking place at the same time as the movie. At one point, we may catch a glimpse of Deckard, though I think that's randomized.

The Holden guy Guzza's talking about here was the cop who got shot at the beginning of the movie. We'll be meeting Gaff and Steele later.

Hey, doesn't Guzza look like Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm?

(He's voiced by him too).

In addition to having no subtitles (ugh), the game does a shitty job of introducing new characters by name. Anyway, this is Crystal Steele, one of the other Blade Runners. She's your typical badass supercop.

Remember the 90's? When those round, Lara Croft-esque sunglasses were still cool? When people who them at night were cool too?

Yeah. What the hell happened.

Eldon Tyrell is another character from the movie - the head of Tyrell Corporation and the 'father' of Replicants.

This game is un-recordable via FRAPS, but I somehow figured out how to rip movies straight from disc. So here it is, the entire opening cinematic:

Next update, we'll finally get down to playing the game! Crime scene investigations, voxels, the works.