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Part 20: Act III - I'm Sad No One Got The Last Title Reference

Act III - I'm Sad No One Got The Last Title Reference

The guy doesn't behave like a skinjob. He wants McCoy to shoot him, for one. He talks about pretending to be a Replicant; he does run away, but only after McCoy tells him the Replicants usually run. Plus, there's absolutely no evidence anywhere indicating he's a Rep besides his own word.

Actually, the lighter he left on the bar should have been evidence, but it was blank, indicating there wasn't really anything special about him. If he had been a Replicant, there would have been the insignia of an offworld battle unit on it.

He's committed a thought crime! He must be incarcerated.

The unfunny asshole can rot in jail.

Maybe he can tell his knock knock jokes to the protest leader in the next cell over.

We have two more leads to catch up on - the dragonfly jewelry, and the black ground car we found. We saw the registration info for the car on the department's records, and we're already familiar with the car dealership it was sold from: Crazy Legs Larry, down in the fourth sector. Next thing to do is to go down and find out who this 'Dektora' is.

I really don't like Crazy Legs Larry. The hammy douchebag acting from the Brotherhood of Nod dude doesn't help, but overall he just reeks of trying to make every guy in the game a 'character'.

Well it's kind of a dead end here, but at least we know this Dektora is some hot blonde woman. We only know of one blonde, and she was in the photo we recovered off Izo's camera:

So that's probably who we're looking for. Now to figure out where to find her.

Remember the dragonfly jewelry we saw on Lucy's foot? A while back we asked one of the vendors down on Aminoid Row to see if she could find out where they came from.

Guess it's back to Nightclub Row we go.

Before we leave though, last time we were here, this Peruvian lady had a cage full of scorpions on the counter there. Now they're gone.


The only place left to go here is the strip club on the left side, Early Q's. You know, the one with the naked neon woman.

The entrance to the VIP area is out the left side, but this bouncer won't let us through.

Despite some RPG elements (character choices, multiple endings, some weapon upgrades), this is suppose to be an adventure game at heart. That means puzzles and random retarded deaths.

Thankfully this room is the former, and it's quite intuitive to any male.

First you click on the stripper grinding on the stage. McCoy will go over and oogle her.

Then the bouncer gets interested comes over to stare at the stripper too.

While he's distracted, McCoy runs over and jumps into the spinning booth on the left.

And voila, VIP access. The woman we're looking for must be somewhere back here.