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Part 21: Act III - This Isn't Necessarily Work Safe

Act III - This Isn't Necessarily Work Safe

Last we left of, we were looking for some blonde woman named 'Dektora'. Our hunt led us down to this classy little strip bar called Early Q's.

First thing we do when we hit a scene, searching for dangerous Replicants - we stop to get a martini.

Although, I think our Ray McCoy is less of a James Bond and more of a closet alcoholic.

No, this isn't the stripper we're looking for. She's a blonde, not the blonde.

It doesn't stop Ray from jumping onto the spinning floor and grinding with the dancer. Isn't being a drunken cop fun?

The owner of the bar is a guy called Early Q. He's a bit of a lech, but he's also quite dangerous. We don't really want to cross him.

Still, we have it on good word that he was the one who purchased the dragonfly jewelry that's been showing up on every Replicant we find, so it won't hurt to press him on that.

Hecuba? Sounds like a stage name. We'll get to see her in a bit.

While we're here, we might as well ask about our friend Lucy.

She ran off from the arcade, maybe she ended up at a strip club! Who knows!

Somehow, I don't think Jack Thompson would have approved of this game.


I mean, she even has a dragonfly tail going there. This is what passes for a strip show in a dystopian future apparently.

I'd like to pretend this LP thread is a little more highbrow than the one with anime cartoons dressing up as horny bunnies, but then I'd just be fooling myself.

After the entirely show, Ray goes backstage to harass the talent.

This time we have an excuse; she looks like the same woman we saw in the photo with the other Replicants. She probably knows them, or is one herself.

Ray does his best impression of Harrison Ford doing his best impression of a nerdy fan. This whole backstage sequence was suppose to be a callback to the Zhora retirement sequence in the film. Hence the gratuitous T&A I guess.

Anyway, here's our suspect face to face, finally. Her name's Dektora. From what we've been able to piece together, this is probably Lucy's 'mom'.

Because we were all staring at her... belt.

Well, she's a bit of an odd duck.

1) On one hand, she's a possible Replicant, so we could try to run her through a VK test.
2) On the other hand, she's a leggy blonde femme fatale type. We could be nice and warn her about Crystal and the other blade runners gunning for her.