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Part 22: Act III - This One Doesn't Run Away By the Second Screenshot

Act III - This One Doesn't Run Away By the Second Screenshot

Okay, you guys voted to VK Dektora, now we'll have to see how badly Ray can possibly mess this up.

I'm not sure it's ever specifically brought up, but I don't think she's really Lucy's biological mother - more a mother in an adopted sense, since they're suppose to be close-knit group of Replicants or outcasts. And they don't really look anything alike. But I could be wrong.

That's an interesting leap of logic there...

The Voight-Kampff test, in addition to being amusing in the ways you can piss the suspect off, is also a little mini-game, and there's ways of losing.

The point is to provoke an empathetic response from the subject - if the reaction is instant, then it's a more human response. If the reaction is delayed, then it's probably because they're a Replicant, and they had to fake the empathy response.

There's three buttons on the bottom right - they ask low, medium, and high intensity questions, and you get to ask up to ten of them for each suspect.

If you ask too many low intensity questions, you won't provoke a strong enough response, and the test will be inconclusive. Those questions are generally pretty benign. Like, "Your spouse gives you a goldfish. What would you do with it?"

Ask too many high intensity questions, ala. "My briefcase is made of human baby skin!", and you'll end up pissing the subject off so much they'll stop the test.

The meter on the left side measures the response time. If the meter moves for the top black stick figure, it's a more human response. If the one for the white stick figure moves, it's a Replicant response.

And Dektora is definitely showing up as a Replicant.

Test terminated. Positive identity confirmed. Subject is Replicant.

Any competent cop would just shoot her dead right away. Ray just assumes she's calling the police to turn herself in.

Had we taken a different approach, Dektora would have been a possible 'love interest' with an entirely separate ending. However, it's safe to say that option is completely blown by now.

Pssst. Ray. I don't think that's a real cop.

Not this again.