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Part 25: Act III - Random Scorpion Dirtnaps

Act III - Random Scorpion Dirtnaps

Well last update Ray fucked things up so bad it necessitated a reload, so let's rewind for a moment.

At this point Early Q starts walking towards the drinks, and Ray has 2 or 3 seconds to pull his gun out before Early gets there. If he doesn't, it's game over, since he drinks the spiked cocktail automatically and gets tossed out of the club on his ass.

It's the first in a series of what I call, "Haha, you didn't save? Fuck you!" moments in this game.

What the-

Scorpion death out of left field!

Okay, it's not quite out of nowhere. We talked to the Peruvian insect dealer earlier and she mentioned this:

And when we interviewed Dektora, it was clear she didn't like Early Q very much:

Oh, one last clue. When Ray first walked into the room, a scorpion briefly flitted across the screen:

Still don't see it? Of course not, because it was like 8 pixels across, blurry, and made of green voxels:

First time I played this game, of course I didn't notice the stupid scorpion, so I waltzed in and started clicking everywhere. The couch lit up, so I clicked on that too. Ray walks over, sits on it, yells, "Scorpions?!" and keels over dead.

Games back then were a bit more unforgiving.

Finally, Ray manages to take someone down.

Too bad it was an accident. Oh, and he wasn't even a Replicant. Poor Ray.

We still have the matter of the runaway stripper to deal with. She's not in Early Q's office, and Crystal's already backstage checking for her, so the only place left would be the balcony.

This smells like a trap.

The ol' "blind McCoy with a bright light" trick. It worked for Izo, but not even Ray is stupid enough for fall for it a second time.

The player had 2 or 3 seconds to shoot out the light before Dektora came over and punched Ray out. Then it would have been another game over.

This is a dead end. She's hiding up here somewhere, but where?

Think McCoy, think. Past the wardrobes? Behind the curtains?

Fuck it, let's just just randomly shoot everything.

What do you know, it worked.

Those sprinkly things on her? That's suppose to be fire. Voxels don't do fire very well.

Wait, where is she-