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Part 26: Act III - The One Where Ray Finally Manages To Shoot a Rep

Act III - The One Where Ray Finally Manages To Shoot a Rep

We saw last time how badly our Ray bungled the takedown. So let’s try a different tact, one that Ray is more suited to – being a huge asshole.

First we have to put the gun away to lull her into a false sense of security.

Clovis is the name of the goateed, poetry-spouting Replicant leader.

Well, she won’t get us access to Clovis, so that means we have no more use for her.

Hurry Ray, shoot the unsuspecting woman in the back, like a real blade runner!


I will let you in on a little secret – who is or isn't a Replicant isn't completely randomized.

Act 3 of the game involves three possible Reps: Lucy, Dektora the stripper, and Gordo the comedian. It matters what order you question them in. The first two suspects you visit are randomized Reps, so you're never really sure whether to shoot them, but the last one you visit (Dektora in our case) is always a Replicant. They did it that way in order to have the last Rep set off the cutscene where Ray gets captured and questioned by the fake policemen.

Zuben the sushi chef, and Clovis are also always Reps (obviously), but the rest are determined randomly when you start a new game. Even Sadik (the Jamaican guy) could be a human, which never made a lot of sense to me, but it's still possible.

As for Ray McCoy - is he a skinjob too? Stay tuned.

Fresh from his thrill at finally not screwing up a retirement, Ray manages to lose his police car.

Actually... Crystal was the one who retired Izo.

This is the oft repeated paradox of being a blade runner. Replicants are suppose to be set apart from real humans by lacking empathy, but in order for blade runners to do their job properly, they have to have no empathy for Replicants.

Great, now Ray is ripping off another Harrison Ford movie.