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Part 27: Act IV - Eng and Chang

Act IV - Eng and Chang

And now for something completely different.

Oh, shut the fuck up. You try representing classical music in a text bubble.

Remember Miraji, the mushroom headed guy on DNA row whose place got bombed? He talked a little about the twins who lived upstairs from him; but when we visited, they weren’t home. These guys are Luthor and Lance, the twins he mentioned. Siamese twins. The ‘joke’ is suppose to be that they have completely opposite personalities.

I did warn the game got silly after a certain point; it’s probably safe to say we’re past that point now.

They’re DNA designers who use to work for Tyrell Corporation before they got fired. One of them is suppose to be smart, while the other is the asshole of the two. If you can’t tell which that is, it’s the one with the stubble. And the earring and the eyeliner. And the scar.

Subtlety isn’t this game’s strongpoint.

That’s suppose to be rap music.

You know it’s bad when you have start explaining your text balloons.

I really thought this cutscene was dumb. But then I realized they worked a gay monkey sex joke into it somehow. So all is forgiven.

Talk about overly dramatic entrances. Bright light source behind make him look like the angel of death? Really?

He looks more like Haile Selassie’s lost apostle.

And Clovis, well, I already gave him enough shit for his retarded beard.

Seriously, that beard is so 90’s it hurts.

As you’ve probably guessed, the picture they’re looking at is their incept photo proving they’re Replicants.

Of all the Reps from the films and the books, Clovis is the one that shows the most camaraderie with his fellow skinjobs. It’s always ‘my brothers’ this and ‘my family’ that. Considering his supposed lack of empathy, you kinda have to wonder how much of it is genuine, and how much of it is an act to manipulate people into doing his dirty work.

Next time, we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled Ray McCoy programming.

But one more thing before we go: remember the security disc that Ray found in Early Q’s office? Curious what was so important on it that Early got scorpioned to death for?

Two things* to look for in this picture. Go ahead.

*Sigh. No. Not her tits.

Nemesis Of Moles posted:

The bag/whatever on the table in front of the mirror?

Looks like cigarettes and... whatever the fuck that is. A license plate frame?

zycban posted:

Is that a kingston kitchen lunch box to the left of her (half behind the red box-thing) ?

Maybe. Let's take a look.

Not quite a takeout box... it's the box of scorpions.

oldman posted:

Can we get a look of the figure in the doorway?

That looks like Early Q in the doorway. Let's see what he doesn't want leaking out.

The perspective swivels around the doorframe and...

That's Lucy he's 'touching'.

First Runciter and now this guy. Pink hair 14 year olds are apparently pedo magnets! Who knew. No wonder Dektora killed him.

Now we're done here.