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Part 28: Act IV - Revenge of the Hobo

Act IV - Revenge of the Hobo

Last time we left off, McCoy was a confused little man on the run.

Ray’s police spinner has been stolen, or confiscated, or whatever. The rest of the game will have to be on foot. Fortunately, the decrepit sewer and subway systems of LA runs throughout all the previous locales we’ve been to.

Where does Ray need to go? Should he go to the police station to try and clear his name? Should he follow up on the remaining clues and figure out who’s behind the frame?

Fuck no! We gotta go back to Ray’s apartment to see if his dog is okay!

There are as few things as painful as listening to ‘street’ dialog written by a video game writer.

And now the frame is complete. Ray’s life is upside down, the cops are out to get him, and there’s a strange black dude living in his apartment.

Could things get any worse?

The sewers. Toxic waste and… is that a body in the sludge on the right side?

Wait a minute, that body looks familiar…

Oh god, it was the hobo Ray killed earlier.