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Part 30: Act IV - Physics vs. Mutant Rats

Act IV - Physics vs. Mutant Rats

Well, you guys didn’t want Ray to ‘take care’ of old man Runciter, so it’s back down underground. We do have one last lead to follow: the twins, Lance and Luthor. They’re DNA designers, so the other Reps might have gone looking for them. And they probably had some connection to Clovis and the others shooting up Runciter’s store.

But first we have to find them.

I mentioned the cops spawning on the streets, but down in the sewers, the game starts spawning mutant rats. Mutant rats that kill you in one shot.

Most games have you killing rats at the beginning of the game.

This is DNA row, where the twins live…

… but they’re still not home. Hmm.

There’s a stairway in the corner there leading to below, but it’s locked. Maybe we can find another way down there.

This is the bottom level of the sewers. In fact, if we didn’t kill the hobo near the beginning, we would have found him lounging down here (this was his home). The guy doesn’t have that much to say, other than to note the people he saw passing through earlier: a group of Reps, and also another fat guy.

So after wandering around in the sewers for seems like forever, we run across this little bridge. I’ll just tell you now that the basement to Luthor and Lance’s DNA lab is on the other side.

But first we have to deal with the most inane moment in the game. Even worse than the scorpions.

We walk across the bridge and a rat appears on the other side. No problem, just back up a bit and shoot it in the face.

All of a sudden, a physics puzzle out of nowhere! The combined weight of the rat corpse and Ray is enough to break the bridge and send him plunging to his doom.

“You didn’t save the game? Hah, fuck you!”

Let’s try this again.

You gotta stand Ray on the far side of the bridge and wait till the last possible moment before shooting the rat, so the corpse is far enough on this side and doesn’t collapse the bridge.

Who the fuck was suppose to know that the first time? This goddamn game.

These guys won’t even turn around to face Ray . This is the kind of effect that Ray has on Reps. You think he’s in the wrong business?

Yes. Photos of Reps can be doctored. Keep believing that, Ray.

Ray finally figures it out. Clovis has been working with Guzza to frame him.

Sigh. So these self-proclaimed Replicants have the evidence we need against Guzza, and they want us to trade with the DNA data from Tyrell’s office. We got a couple of choices here.

1) Do as the twins ask. Ray will have to sneak into the Tyrell building, run past Tyrell’s security and steal the stupid data disk. With the DNA information, he may finally be able to concoct a solution for the Replicant lifespan problem.

2) Do what they say and get the DNA data, but after the twins hand Ray the evidence against Guzza, double-cross them. Shoot both of them in the head. They’re Replicants; we can’t make deals with Reps, it’ll only encourage them. Or is that the terrorists? Whatever.

3) Fuck these guys, just put a couple of bullets in them right now. If they really have the evidence against Guzza, they’d have it on their person somewhere, right? Why not just kill them right now and loot it off their misshapen corpse?