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Part 32: Act IV - The Tale

Act IV - The Tale

Last update we managed to snagged the evidence that implicated Ray’s boss, Lieutenant Guzza, in framing Ray for the murder of a human. Now it’s time for Ray to do a little blackmailing of his own.

No, that’s not Vernon Troyer on the left there.

Besides rats, the game starts spawning these… mutant guys in the sewers. They run around and smack McCoy around if they catch up, but they’re pretty slow and are usually just target practice.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep talks a lot about “specials”, which were basically the human underclass on Earth who were too affected by radioactive fallout to be properly integrated into society. I suspect these are the designer’s interpretation of “specials” in the game.

One more trip down to the bowels of the sewers to get to the meeting place with Guzza.

I may have been a little too transparent in setting up Guzza as a bad guy, but the game does leave a lot of clues if you look for it. Early on we talked to Guzza’s old partner at the police station.

Which indicated Guzza was no angel. Then there was the photo on Izo’s camera:

Putting him in the same place as Izo, who sold weapons to Replicants. Then there was Izo’s stash, which was suppose to be confiscated by the police after Izo’s retirement:

All signs pointed to Guzza as the dirty cop. But why did he target Ray for the frame?

Heh. What a cleverly constructed lie by Clovis.

Or is it?

Let’s think here. We don’t know much about Ray before this game, other than that he’s new to the job. The group of Replicants we’re tailing – Clovis’s crew - landed on Earth several months back. I guess it’s possible Ray landed with them.

Or maybe that’s what they want him to think!

Or he could really be a Rep with his memory tampered with!

So confused!

But before we figure out whether Ray is a Rep or not, we have to deal with this asshole.

This is a big decision. What should Ray do next with his old boss?

Finish Guzza off, Ray.

Guzza destroyed your life just to make a quick buck. He also knowingly collaborated with known Replicants (Clovis) and sold weapons to them. Plus, if you really are a Rep, Guzza would have no problem betraying you again if it came to it. Hell, he’s probably lying through his teeth right now.

You’re all alone, Ray. You’re a mile under the city. Nobody is watching. Not even God knows what goes on down here. Shoot this crooked cop, dump his body in the toxic waste below, and get it over with. He’s a loose end that needs tying up. Plus the department’s doughnut budget will thank you.


Turn around and walk away, McCoy.

Guzza’s given you what you needed to clear your name. And he’s right – once you take out Clovis and his gang, he’ll be in the clear. And you’ll be in the clear. Everything will be sunshine and lollipops.

Plus, he’s human, Ray. Blade runners (mostly) don’t retire humans. And if you turn out to be a Rep, well, you’ve already spent most of the day running away from street cops, giant rats, and irradiated mutants. What’s the big deal if you add one more fatass to the list? Guzza’s just not worth it.