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Part 33: Act IV - The Sting

Act IV - The Sting

All of the decisions I’ve had you guys make so far have a real impact which way the story goes. There’s an invisible meter running in the background the keep counts of how often Ray acts like a real blade runner, and how often Ray acts like a Rep sympathizer. This in turn changes a lot of the dialogue near the end of the game.

Some of the decisions have more of concrete impact. For example, killing the hobo causes his body to show up floating in the toxic waste. If we didn’t try to VK Lucy at the arcade, then she would have shown up in sewers, where she trusts Ray enough to let him VK her there (she’s human in about 75% of games – as she is in this game). If we didn’t kill Dektora and arrest Gordo Frizz, they would have shown up again at the end.

And if Ray had killed enough humans, it would have changed the dialogue significantly here. Ray goes into his retard mode and actually confesses to Guzza about the deaths, and which point Guzza goes ballistic, and rants about how Ray is tainted and isn’t of any use to him any more.

Guzza’s handed over the evidence he used to implicate McCoy – the false evidence and the incept photos he got from Clovis.

So now we have to figure out what to do with Guzza.

The vote was ridiculously close, like 21 to 19, but in the end…

Turns out Sadik and Clovis had been hiding in the shadows.

Sadik runs across the bottom of the screen for a split second, and if the player is ridiculously good, it’s possible to retire him here. I’ve never been able to do it though – the aiming in this game is just point and click, but after each shot, the cursor ‘jumps’ to simulate recoil, so it gets a bit wonky.

As an aside, in games where they design an in-game cutscene in which characters talk, but don’t appear on screen to the player, the designers often just hide the character off to the one side. That way they can just attach a voice file to the character, trigger it in-game, and the game engine handles the rest.

In this scene for example, Clovis isn’t suppose to be visible to the player – he just talks to Ray a bit from offscreen. So the designers spawned him out of view of the player. However, I think you can actually still see the top of his head… it’s in the very bottom right corner. I can click on him but it doesn’t do anything.

More poetry crap from Clovis

And with that, it’s time to leave the sewers.

Oh crap, it’s Admiral Adama. And the cops. They’re onto us!

Yet another non-sequitur movie reference thrown in for no reason. They’re talking about Deckard living in the same building as McCoy.

Ray dodges a bullet there. Gaff isn’t gonna shoot him… yet.

Time to go home.

Poor Maggie

There’s a cigarette butt still burning to the left of McCoy…

Depending on your decisions from earlier, this could have been several people calling: Crystal, Dektora, or Lucy. But instead, it’s…

… Clovis.

Actually I think it was an eagle that ate Prometheus’s liver.

Poor Ray. The death of his dog is triggering an existentialist crisis.

“Who am I? How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!”

Is Ray a Rep? Or are they still just playing him?

We’re moving into the endgame now. We may or may not find out. Soon. Possibly. Who knows.