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Part 38: Alternate Ending #2 - Wait, Does That Make Maggie = Snoopy?

Alternate Ending #2 - Wait, Does That Make Maggie = Snoopy?

Similar to how the “origami” ending was a homage to the director’s cut version of the film, the Lucy ending was suppose to be similar to the original ending of the movie, where Deckard and Rachael sailed off into the sunset in a hover car. The extra sequence was actually tacked on by the studio, who weren’t thrilled with more ambiguous version from the director. The shots of the mountains and outdoors in the ‘happy’ ending were stock footage ripped from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Come to think of it, the same thing must have happened to the Minority Report film as well, cause that had a really terrible ending too. The story came to a natural stop, then the film unnecessarily drags it on for another 20 minutes just so it can end ‘happily’.

Of course, the Rachel/Deckard relationship, however fucked it was, was still better than McCoy/Lucy. Ugh. For a less creepy version of the same ending in this game, we could have gone down the Dektora path (be extra nice to Dektora, warn her about Crystal, and chase off Lucy at the arcade). Dektora would have been the one phoning Ray to meet him out by the car dealership instead. At the very least, Dektora looked like she was above the age of consent.

The ending where Ray fucks up one last time is the same as the Lucy ending up to this point.

The difference is, once Crystal starts shooting, Ray has to take her out fast.

If he stays true to character and just stands around dumbfounded for too long...

Crystal kills Lucy.

Oops. Way to protect the little girl you love, Ray.

The way I see it, Crystal did Ray a favour.

Ray heads over to check Lucy’s corpse behind the car.

I’d never tried running out the door before, so I was wondering what would happen. The cops just shoot Ray dead as soon as they see him. Amusing, and probably appropriate, but we must preserver through this.

As with before, he drops the bomb through the hatch and blows out the tunnel.

With everyone dead either by his hand or by his incompetence, Ray drives off into the sunset. Alone.

A bit more depressing than the Lucy ending, and yet somehow I’m left infinitely less horrified by it.

That’s a win in my books.