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Part 39: Alternate Ending #3 - Fly Me To The Moon

Alternate Ending #3 - Fly Me To The Moon

There’s a third ending where Ray is more obviously a Rep. You can get here by basically being nice to everyone along the way and then shooting Guzza during the meeting. I’m branching this off our original playthrough though, so Dektora and Zuben are dead, Lucy’s been chased off, etc.

Well, let’s see what happens when we actually go get the reactor fuel.

Yay... it’s another pixel hunt. The fuel is that amorphous blob under my cursor on the left. Sadik says it glows, but it’s all a filthy lie.

Keep in mind this Kipple area is 4 or 5 ‘screens’ wide and you have to hunt for a little black thing on the ground. I remember one playthrough where I couldn’t remember where the thing was, wandered around aimlessly for a good while, and ended up shooting Sadik out of sheer exasperation. That’ll teach him.

Ray can pick it up without melting – does that mean he’s really a Rep? Or maybe it’s just safe because it’s not glowing...

The twins are up front in the pilot’s seat. That’s normal, since we left them alive. Any other Reps we left alive through the game would have been standing around here too.

Now Dektora’s body on the ground? That’s a crazy bug. Ray shot her dead back at the strip club, so she’s not suppose to be here. I’m guessing it was the way Ray killed her (pretending to let her go, then shooting her in the back) that made the game crap out. I think the game’s logic went like this:

a) Ray lets Dektora go, so the game thinks she shows up at the moonbus.
b) Ray shoots her dead, so the game thinks she’s dead.
c) The game doesn’t take into account both can happen.

Ergo, she shows up at the moonbus, dead.

At this point, the mouse cursor becomes “free” and we can give Clovis one of those things – the DNA information he wants, or a bullet to the face.

I only bring up the Dektora bug thing because she’s not really dead. She’s now a Schrödinger’s Replicant; she exists in a state of being and unbeing. If Ray actually pulls out his gun at this point...

... the waveform collapses and Dektora is suddenly alive again.

As messed up as that is, we can’t very well get the Clovis ending by shooting him in the face, so let’s go back a step.

This is what Clovis wants – the DNA data Ray picked up throughout the game. The Reps need it to complete the research into extending their lifespan. I’m 80% sure this is everything we can find – DNA data stolen from Tyrell, JF Sebastian, Marcus Eisenduller, and Luther and Lance. This changes the dialog slightly at the end here and makes it seem more hopeful they can find a cure.

To a beach somewhere where he can get a tan.

Gaff gets there too late to stop them.

“What, do my job? I’d rather fold origami instead.”

Maxwell Adams posted:

Is it possible to shoot at Lucy?

Don't think so, cause that would probably mess up the ending. But let's check.

Oh wow, you can kill her here. I didn't even know that .

After killing Crystal though, you no longer get the option to kill Lucy.

NumberZero posted:

is there a clovis ending where lucy and zuben and everybody else are alive on the moonbus?

Yep, all the Reps you leave alive will show up at the end.

The comedian and Lucy aren't here, but I think that's cause they weren't Reps this playthrough.

And if course, the more Reps you leave alive, the more you have to shoot!