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Part 40: Alternate Ending #4 - Where The Ground Won't Turn, And The Rain It Burns

Alternate Ending #4 – Where The Ground Won’t Turn, And The Rain It Burns

Our fifth and last ending is the “real Blade Runner” one where our little noir story actually plays out and Ray walks off with the babe at the end. To get it, Ray has to resist the urge to give in to his more mentally deficient impulses.

At the underground meeting, Ray holds off on shooting Guzza. Clovis and Sadik reveal themselves from the shadows anyway.

The poem is Blake’s To Tizrah. It’s from Songs of Experience, same collection as The Tyger, which is why the themes are pretty much the same.

And Guzza gets off by Sadik anyway. Ah well, dirty cops get their due.

Ray has a couple of seconds to run to the exit here or he gets sniped too.

I think they were trying to do another callback with this – in the film, Roy Batty grabs Deckard’s arm through a wall and breaks his fingers. Unfortunately we have no such luck here, and Clovis lets McCoy go after a few seconds. If Ray waits around, Clovis walks around and one-shots him.

I realized at some point that I started cheering against our main character here and really wanted bad things to happen to him. I blame Lucy.

In this ending, Crystal doesn’t stop by to shoot Maggie. In fact, Ray’s dog isn’t even here.

This time, instead of Lucy or Clovis, it’s Crystal calling.

The one common theme between all those calls is that Ray is always bitching about his dog.

Isn’t that like, a square dancing song?

The only thing worse than a pixel hunt? A timed pixel hunt.

Fortunately this one isn’t too hard. There’s a thing that looks like a battery pack on the left with a blinking red light. You can also (barely) see a tripwire going from it across the tunnel.

If you don’t notice the bomb here in time, Crystal walks across and hits the tripwire. She dies, and once again you get Gaff giving the wrap-up at the end of the game instead.

Maggie shows up out of the blue... but what’s she doing all the way out here in the kipple?

I know it’s suppose to be shocking and sad, but the animation of Maggie exploding was unexpectedly funny for some reason. No flames or anything, just... flying brown chunks.

You can’t get a huge variation off this particular path – the Reps don’t offer to let Ray join them or anything, they just start shooting. The only real difference you can get this late is letting Crystal die to the bomb.

If you really think about it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sadik killed Maggie, and he’s already dead. And having someone try to convince you you’re a Rep is a really flimsy excuse to go and shoot them.

Once again, by the time we go to Clovis, his four year lifespan is almost up and he doesn’t put up a fight.

This time, we can have Ray cut him off before he finishes his last poem.

The depends entirely on what Ray was doing with his dog.

Here’s a little end credit music to take you out.

Good night, thanks for reading.